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Is the Health Plan Gonna Help? August 18, 2009

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Not having internet sucks…I hate when people come to your house and mess it up but oh well…

*sigh* It’s Tuesday and I gotta study soooo….you’d think I would go light on the subject, but I’m not…

Dollar Treatment?

Dollar Treatment?

I am not gonna write anything long, but I would love to know how everyone out there feels about the President’s Healthcare Plan…Do you think it’s too much?  Will it really up?  Do you think we even have healthcare issues we need to worry about?

I am asking all of these after seeing some of the outlandish prices people (who are unemployed due to layoffs, etc. plus the workin folk are having to pay for medicine, doctor visits and the like…

I leave you with a few facts that women need to know about the new health care plan all focusing on your rights to abortion, birth control and health care in your 20s.

-Obama wants to add a clause saying any doctor or nurse can refuse to do an abortion as long as they tell you where to get it.  Eh…not too impressive…you could Google that.  Furthermore, remember that the government does NOT pay for them anyway…down this road …he’s gonna leave it legal, just not gonna fund it.

-Birth  control is something we all know and love.  Obama wants to give certain women free birth control (cause obviously the pills are less than kids).  To qualify, you have to make too much to get Medicaid but too little to get them filled on your own (some cost up to $75 monthly).  I guess that’s impressive, does anyone’s insurance cover these?  Mine used to…dunno what happened.

-The twenty-something is always the most neglectful group when it comes to health care (mainly because we can’t pay for it.  If this bill passes then you will be able to remain on your parents insurance until age 26 and then avoid “gender rating” where women are forced to pay higher premiums than because we have to go to the doctor more.

So remember…get those annuals and take care of yourselves…are there any questions or concerns anyone wants to add?  Do you think insurance is to high?   Is Obama “doing too much”?


9 Responses to “Is the Health Plan Gonna Help?”

  1. Eightys Baby Says:

    “Obama wants to add a clause saying any doctor or nurse can refuse to do an abortion as long as they tell you where to get it. Eh…not too impressive…you could Google that. Furthermore, remember that the government does NOT pay for them anyway…down this road …he’s gonna leave it legal, just not gonna fund it.”

    I really don’t have a problem with this. I personally don’t agree with abortions so if my friend asked me to go more than likely I wouldn’t. I think it’s perfectly fine for a doctor or nurse to refuse to perform them.

  2. Cynthia Says:

    I think the president is doing a good thing with this plan. Healthcare in this country is so flawed….it’s crazy!

  3. OI think ti’s a good idea… people need healthcare.. there are too many that have to walk around sick bc they cannot afford to pay for prescriptions…. it makes no sense.

  4. Jaci Says:


    I don’t think I would either. I went to Planned Parenthood here my sophomore year (it’s also an abortion clinic) and I kinda couldn’t take it…we also had a bombing here of one so I was extra paranoid. I don’t have a problem with refusal to perform them either, but then I wonder about the women–do they get some kinda health care afterwards? Mental care? Is anyone trying to stop them from doing this? How much does that cost. Does anyone know?


    I know! As the resident UFC do you know of any ways to get cheap, but good healthcare?

  5. Jaci Says:


    Exactly and I’ve noticed that even generic medicines are expensive as heck, and I wanna know when is there going to be a breakdown of what doctor’s get for prescribing certain medicines. Like isn’t that the equivalent to some of the stuff going on on Wall Street and some of these medicines make the people sicker and they go back to the doctor …so it’s a vicious cycle making the people poorer and the pharmaceutical companies and doctors richer.

  6. thecomebackgirl Says:

    what are you studying?

    I sometimes wonder what the US would look like if we had more socialized medicine. I believe reform is what we need. I also think there is a way for both sides to win. The healthcare system can still be profitable and make money. I really think (and I know this sounds cooky) but money will start to be made with WELLNESS.

    There is no secret that the recession and related stress are affecting people’s health. And there is a scientific correlation to health, quality of life, and outlook.

    i bb later.

  7. Jaci Says:


    I am concerned that socialized medicine brings about it’s own issues. Like the whole Natasha Richardson thing…are we gonna have it where you have to meet some special set of risk before you can be treated?

    I agree. More money can be made if everyone is well…that’s just the way it goes–it’s like when you have someone who’s off for a week because they have a cold and can’t afford meds…now they potentially miss rent money & the work is backed up.

    So what you’ve said isn’t cooky at all in fact it’s correct.

    Have there been any town hall meetings near any of you?

  8. Jolie Fatale Says:

    @JAC: You finished your last classes of undergrad? or you just studying in preparation for when you finish so you can go straight to law school?

    I guess i should pay attention to these townhalls, eh .,.

  9. Jaci Says:

    @Jolie Fatale

    Long time no see around these parts!

    I finished undergrad in 08…I am starting a Master’s right now and then I wanna do law school, but I have chosen to do my Master’s online so that I can pay for it as I go and study for the LSAT and work then I would start law school in either 2010 or 2011..I just have to see how it goes…

    I also wanna see what Obama is gonna do about student loans, because mine are awful so I’m tryna pay down some of those too!

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