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Things Come in Strange Packages August 19, 2009

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An author by the name of Zig Ziglar once wrote that “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” This particular struck a nerve with me. For years I felt that I had no motivation, no inspiration. I felt that I was just moving along. Don’t get me wrong. I was (and still am) blessed beyond belief. But I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was making me get up everyday and work or workout or study. Things were getting mundane. Yes, I knew I wanted to be successful. I was practically force fed that I was going to be successful since the time I was a toddler. But that goal seemed so lofty, so far off. I had no daily motivation. I could understand the big picture of why I did everything but I couldn’t understand the details. Why I did this everyday. I turned to gospel music. Fail. Though I like to consider myself religious/spiritual/whatever else cool term is in and I attend church pretty regularly and I have a strong faith in God, it didn’t provide the kick that I needed. I turned to the Bible. It was too calming. It wasn’t exactly what I needed but pointed me in the right direction. I read Psalms 150. A quick synopsis of this is that you should praise God in everything you do. This made me look for a secular reason. After months of meaningless success and borderline depression, I found what I was looking for. I was watching ESPN as I do every night before bed and as I was going to change the channel to ESPN2 during the commercial break a commercial caught my eye. Here it is:

 I decided to youtube just about every Nike video that night. Needless to say that night was the night that I broke my mini depression. I felt like the commercials were speaking to me. They were telling me that I get up and work and workout and study because to not do so is to fail. Yes we all want to be successful and do well at all of the things that we prepare for. There are times when we cannot control if we are going to fail.  But the real failure is to fail to prepare.

“Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance

Piss poor performance promotes perpetual PAIN”


Here is a list of some my favorites:


8 Responses to “Things Come in Strange Packages”

  1. Danielle Says:


    Thanks for the post. I needed it this morning.

  2. I know this feeling Peyso. I’ve feel that on and off now.. thanks for the reminder. 😉

  3. Hugh Jazz Says:

    Just another reason why Nike is the best. I hadn’t seen the Overjoyed commercial in a while. You can never go wrong with Stevie Wonder.

  4. Shawnta` Says:

    @Peyso: Good post. Thanks for the reminder & great commercials.

    @Hugh: I agree; you can’t go wrong with Stevie Wonder.

  5. peyso Says:

    @ HUgh and Shawnta: It’s almost impossible to go wrong with Stevie but that’s the Mary version BTW lol

  6. Hugh Jazz Says:

    It’s still a Stevie Wonder cover, so it counts! Now I have to look up the full version of the commercial.

  7. Jaci Says:

    Great post Pey!

    Sorry I am tardy to the pardy…I love all MJ (sports) commercials!

  8. Lovely Paradox Says:

    Even if it’s ages later, I still have to comment on this post. I really appreciate this. And I absolutely love the way you self-cured your mini-depression.

    The Lance Armstrong is one of my favorites Nike commercials. It just speaks to the nature of discipline and perseverance.

    Great job!

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