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What’s Fun in Your Town? August 25, 2009

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As a young single person in Philadelphia, you’re either hanging out in one of two spots:

Old City – There isn’t much room for sight-seeing in this area. It’s pretty much for people looking to have good time, barhopping, club going, and booty shaking, all within a 4 block radius. Old City is bigger than 4 blocks but the more frequented bars, clubs, and lounges are within a stone’s throw of each other. To name a few: Bleu Martini, Cafe Spice, Cuba Libre, and The Continental. (And by day you can see boring stuff like museums and Betsy Ross’s House cause it’s kinda historic too)

South Street – This is where Philly seems to be racially divided cause somehow, this is where ALL the young black kids hang out. Strolling along South Street, you will come across many funky (and not so funky – like the Gap) stores, tattoo/piercing spots, restaurants and bars. It’s really an area for a younger more showing off crowd. Put on your best duds and just walk.

*There is more to Philly than these two areas – it is a big college town afterall – but these are the most popular.

What are the hot spots in your town?


4 Responses to “What’s Fun in Your Town?”

  1. We have one street, in the downtown area, that’s always gonna be poppin on the weekends…. It’s called 4th Street Live.. There’s always a party going on at Maker’s Mark Lounge… and there’s several club/bars down there.

    ***FYI: Don’t go down there looking for urban population. lol. Although we are down there in spurts, in my experience, those guys are not lookin at the sistas! ***

  2. peyso Says:

    Philly has some more poppin spots. If you like the big clubs, you can head down to Spring Garden or Delaware Ave. University City (Home of my alma mater) has a nice bowling alley, an arcade, the movie theatre, PandaBar (formerly MarBar), Millcreek Tavern and a few other bars, lounges and restaurants.

    I dont really even have to talk about NYC. We have more bars, lounges, clubs and restaurants than a little bit

  3. Detroit had the riverfront, but that was until all the n*ggas started going there. I used to go down there 3-4 years ago when it was just white folks, old black people, and a few couples sprinkled here and there. Nowadays, if you got at 9pm, its FILLED with n*ggas. Drinking, cursing, etc… It would be cool if it was just couples and stuff, but anytime you start seeing groups of young black dudes in groups of 5 or more all wearing white t-shirts, that’s NO longer the place to be to relax.

    I’m going to start going to more comedy shows at the casino’s.

  4. Lovely Paradox Says:

    Houston has so many different areas of interest…depending on what your interest is.

    For the party-goers, there is Midtown, the Heights, the Rice Village, Downtown, the Galleria Area, even the North side now has some excellent party joints.

    For food, there is every type of (authentic) ethnic food you can envision. From Texan steaks to state of the art Sushi, not forgetting Vietnamese fare from Bellaire, as well as African, Caribbean, Southern and all ethnicities in between food.

    We have lots of excellent, grade A shopping centers: the Galleria, Outlet malls and the list goes on.

    Lots of historic stuff to see and plenty of museums. There is also the world (and space) famous NASA.

    All in all, Houston has all the makings of a perfect tourist spot. The only thing is transportation is not easy so it’s more of “staycation type of spot”. 🙂

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