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The Starting Line Up September 2, 2009

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This is gonna be a short one….

Here are the four best women for a man to date from a woman’s perspective:

1. Miss Maples & Molasses– She’s positive, loyal and always knows there’s a reason for everything.  You can take her to church, dinner with your mama or to the White House and she will never embarrass you.  She doesn’t know how…Try not to break her heart cause these ladies are rare…and if you got one you know what to do

2. Miss I Got The Point (And you better too!)- This lady plays no games and always effectively communicates.  She doesn’t think you should be a mind reader and wants you to know she’s not either.  While she’s good for clear communication, don’t wait for this babe to get all mushy and tell you how much she loves you–ain’t gonna happen.

3. Miss Always Got Your Back- She’s never gonna cheat.  She isn’t using you until something better comes along.  She honestly and truly loves you, but *ahem* this might come with lofty expectations.  She might actually expect you to love her back and you, sir, might not be ready for all that.

4. Miss It’s Cool, but I don’t need a ring- She’s pretty comfortable about you, her and your relationship.  Don’t look at her to start talking about diamonds and clocks…she’s in it for the moment.  (But don’t be salty if someone else finds her to be Miss Sweet)

So there you have it…any additions?  Anyone you’d like to remove?  Has anyone dated or are you one of these women?


10 Responses to “The Starting Line Up”

  1. I think I’m number 1, but I’m not always positive.

    Definitely number 3, but I don’t ask for much but love back. 😉

  2. No More Says:

    I have a #1 & 3, who’s attempting to play #4, if that makes any sense.

  3. Jaci Says:


    That you are ma’am!


    It makes perfect sense!

  4. thecomebackgirl Says:

    I am 1 and 3 with a little occassional 2 on the side.

  5. i think I’ve had all 4 in a few women already. I don’t think they are as rare as one may think, but I guess that depends on how many women you come in contact with.

    I need a #5. A woman who very comfortable with her sexuality. She’s a super freak, but far from a whore.

  6. K Even Says:

    I like #1.. “the White House” nuff said…

  7. Jaci Says:


    The starting line up was obviously missing one for a reason…where I’m concerned she’s the unspoken side to the other women…I happen to be a good mix, but I understand the lady/freak paradox.


    Hmm…you don’t need succinct & non-game playing?

  8. K Even Says:


    “knows there’s a reason for everything…”

  9. Well Jac, you prob can pinpoint which number I am, LOL

    Vegas baby, Vegas!

  10. LeeCee Says:

    I’m definitely #1 & #3 and I definitely come with high expectations. No worries though, that makes it pretty easy to weed out the unworthy. lol

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