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Thank God For My Freedom September 4, 2009

Filed under: Single Sisters On... — Holly GoLightly @ 8:40 am

So I have been a little M.I.A in the virtual world due to serving jury duty! I got the notice about a couple weeks ago and just figured I wouldn’t be called, surprisingly I was selected! What makes it even more interesting it was a MURDER trial!!!!!!!!! It was soooo hard going through the motions of deliberation but we finally made a verdict- GUILTY!! Just even typing that word makes me shudder. I just couldn’t imagine not being with my family and friends to share special times in each others lives. I think a lot of times we take our “freedom” for granted. We don’t really take the time to appreciate not being locked away against our will. From this day forward I’m making sure to live every day to the fullest!!

***Sorry so short but this is my first day back at work and there is too much to get caught up! Enjoy your holiday weekend and be safe!**


5 Responses to “Thank God For My Freedom”

  1. Glad to hear you are done. I’ve never been solicited for Jury Duty (knock on wood), and my attention span is so short, I don’t want to do it.

    It sucks to have the responsiblity of holdling someone’s life/ destiny in your hands.

  2. thecomebackgirl Says:

    Welcome Back Holly Berry…ive never served on JD..everytime i got the letter..right before they told me i didnt have to come. Was it exciting?

  3. Its so funny you had that I was at bible study the last night and the speaker asked everyone to calculate how many days they had left on this earth if they lived to the age of 70. (16060 for me) and he was saying if we had a pile of paper one sheet for each day and we threw out a page everyday and could see our stack shrinking we’d live our lives differently. I was like shoot I know I’d be living each day with more gusto because until you really think that you could lose that freedom that life you waste time thinking and doing ridiculous things.

  4. Cynthia Says:

    welcome back, I know the horror of Jury Duty LOL My longest one lasted over a month! Crazy

  5. HollyGoLightly Says:

    @Nicki- MAN! it’s truly an experience I will def say that!

    @CBG- That’s how it was for me! I never had to serve before!

    @Somethin’ Special- I agree!!! I have never thought about calculating my life either!!!

    @Cynthia- I could NOT imagine doing a month

    @Everyone- The worst part about this was that it was a murder trial and I soooooo didnt think the guy did it…. he was black, young, innocent looking. Like I felt maybe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but what bothered me a lot was he didnt have a strong alibi and when looking at the evidence presented it did point to him and the judge told us to go on that alone. At first i was said about going with the guilty verdict but I was like if he didnt do it his family could appeal the ruling and maybe he will actually come forth and tell who did it. After the trial the DA and the defense atty came to debrief us and when the DA read his priors and gave us his background I was sooooooo glad i finally went with guilty. He currently has a pending drug trafficking case for cocaine. He is one of the biggest drug dealers in his area like he is the supplier to the small time drug dealers. In addition all the witnesses who were gonna testify against him were being threatened through out the trial…. So after learning this I dont think I would have been able to sleep putting someone harmful like that back on the street!

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