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What’s Your Flavor? Tell Me What’s Your Flavor. September 23, 2009

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What is bad pu$$y?

I never understood this concept. I know sometimes us women can behave like a limp fish and just lay there…ie wack sex. But, can the actual vagina feel unwelcoming? What does that feel like – too tight? (maybe you’re too d@mn big), too loose? (maybe you’re too d@mn small). And, smell has nothing to do with feel – that’s not the hard part to understand. Now, bad d!ck can be too small or too big PLUS dude does not know how to work the middle (work the middle 😉 ). But, our vaginas are pretty much just there. A deep (or sometimes shallow) abyss of pleasure. So, someone please explain what a bad one feels like and what your bad experience was.

Do you know your sexual style?

I’m mixed. What I do know is this – I don’t do marathon sessions. Call me a priss but um, I don’t love the idea of some man pumping and breathing hard and sweating all over me (maybe when intoxicated but, that’s about it). I just don’t get off on the pump alone. I need clitoral stimulation – either from his mouth or his fingers. If I know you ain’t gonna try, I’ll still get you off but please HURRY UP! I hate for a dude to be (or at least think he is) giving his all when it’s just not gonna happen…sorry. Oh, and don’t ask me if I c@me…tacky. For the four millionth time…NO! Maybe your signature five long strokes, then 5 rapid strokes, followed by the side swirl works for Sharon…but not me. What was I getting at again? Oh, yea…I’m a pleaser and I like to be in control. My sexual style match must do the same.

What is your sexual style? Who’s your match?

– The Always Classy, Cuzzo


16 Responses to “What’s Your Flavor? Tell Me What’s Your Flavor.”

  1. LastTrainToParis Says:

    Maybe they are refering to the smell. I would never say a woman has bad P. I would say I have had bad sex. So I guess a definition of “Bad P” would have to come from a Pussologist.

  2. Bad P is Bad Sex . . . They aren’t two different things. They’re synonymous. After reading this I felt like I had just caught the monologue of a Zane show on Showtime or something.

  3. Dr. J Says:

    I can count on one hand without a thumb the amount of bad sex i’ve had. I can’t really blame it on the p*. I blame it on that girl’s ability to work it.

    In terms my sexual style, it’s like rolling the dice. Although i’m not a big rough sex lover. I do like to switch it up, with different time lengths, speed, and positions. I do believe that you have to have sexual compatibility and also experience. I mean, Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison didn’t become the HOF QB/WR tandem overnight. Neither did Salt-n-Pepa, take time and effort and a dedication to being better. (Score one point for closet monogamous folk)

  4. The Comeback Girl Says:

    “What is bad pu$$y?”


    are you serious?

  5. Cynthia Says:

    Can;t wait to read the responses from the fellas on this one LOL

  6. Hugh Jazz Says:

    Generally speaking, bad pu$$y is usually bad sex, meaning the woman is just laying there like an inanimate object and quiet as a church on Tuesdays. But when it comes to the actual thing, in my experience, two things makes pu$$y bad:

    1. When it’s dry. A complete and total buzzkill. Being chafed due to dry vagina is not cool. Having to stop for her to get the KY/Astroglide/Crisco/whatever isn’t cool either.

    2. When it’s too shallow/tight. When a woman tells you she can’t do certain positions or you can’t go too deep, you want to just get up and finish in the bathroom.

    I don’t have a style, really. It depends on the mood. It depends on her response. Having one style leads to boredom anyway.

    Cuzzo: ”Maybe your signature five long strokes, then 5 rapid strokes, followed by the side swirl works for Sharon…but not me.”

    This almost literally made me laugh out loud and spit coffee on my keyboard.

  7. LastTrainToParis Says:

    @Hugh Jazz

    Man #2 is the truth. That is a total kill for me too. Missionary is cool but it sucks if you can’t switch it up and diversify it. And its hard to enjoy when they act like you stabbing them.

  8. Reecie Says:

    hmmm. not a man but I’ve been told bad P is basically too dry/too loose. many conversations I’ve had is that they want it to be wet and tight. but you need both to be good P. bad sex is not working it/being lazy.

    I’m interested in seeing more responses as well. *giggle*

  9. Peyso Says:

    It could be too loose. Like throwing a tennis ball down a hallway. It could be too tight. Too much pressure on the mans (it actually hurts). Limp fish syndrome is big (I like my vegetables sauteed not in my bed). The “stop” syndrome, everytime its gets good she says to stop. Or the she lacks rhythm and is trying to throw it back effin up yo sh!t

  10. andrea Says:

    Wow! Just wow!

  11. Lovely Paradox Says:

    Interesting topic… to say the least. Lol!

  12. The Lioness Says:

    So from what I’ve heard: Bad p*ssy is one that: smells, is too loose (meaning she’s too wide for them to feel the walls), too shallow (meaning he can’t go all the way in) or not wet enough.

    As far as my sexual style: Truthfully I only c*m off of clitoral stimulation but if I had to pick between being serviced and being (ummm ) d’d down. I’d rather be d’d down. I treat being serviced, like an appetizer. The “d” is always the main course. Weird, but true.

    And I’m not about the hurry-ups, I need him to put in work. I need a good 30- 45 minutes of straight sex. I’d rather feel tired and sweaty and put to sleep at the end. I can’t think of a better way to burn those calories.

  13. Ok Ok..I read the post this morning and them had to come back to it once I gave it some thought. I gotta say sex is like riding a bike. You’re a little cautious to being with; no sure about this “new” thing–got numerous questions running through your mind. But once you get over the initial pain and feel a bit of pleasure you can see it working out. Of course in the beginning you play it safe keeping both hands the handle bars gripped tight. Then you learn tricks, no hands, backwards, throw one leg over as you come to a stop, etc. But you had to take a risk and learn that just didn’t happen overnight…

  14. enyfilms Says:

    Aint no such thing as bad P but however that doesn’t mean her sex is gonna be on sum Drake ish! Realize foreplay can start with the fone call or whatever method yall two use most. Once around one another she should be clear what she wants he should know this like coach knows the tricks the other team mite pull out. She should be unconventional ya know not still doin the whole “you I showed you mine now show me urs” just give him a bj while he is helpin wit dry the dishes. As I have gotten older I delay penatration for as long as possible. Also as a man I have too much pride to not allow a wmn to come off, if she don’t I am wastin my n hers time. She just needs to know as men we are analyzing her whenever we are close so what she wears and smells counts. But I think going the unconventional route is how she can avoid bad sex title, buy a dress made to be taken off, wear summer hear in the dead of winter. I’ll say as a guy if she’s too teenie bopper about sex she’ll be labeled as ok but not bad. Also flirt at the dinner table that can’t go wrong. In closing its how much the wmn drives me to want to just get @ her so I think its really about the subtext with women. For us guys its about performance. So his performance may or can be linked to how much did she really do to get him to do the do.

  15. no such thing as good p*ssy and bad p, but I’ll assume that men say it as a reflection of three things. One, the girl who the p*ssy belongs to. The finer, sexier, etc…. that he deems her to be, the more he’s into it. Secondly, the way she works her body during sex. The way she throws it back, sways her hips, etc.. Lastly, the wetness of the vagina, however, that is not solely on her. Two dudes could have had the same woman, but she was much more aroused, thus more wet, for one of them men than the other.

  16. Midwest Mr. Marcus, Body Shop Proprietor Says:

    @ Hugh Jazz:

    “2. When it’s too shallow/tight. When a woman tells you she can’t do certain positions or you can’t go too deep, you want to just get up and finish in the bathroom.”

    Chuuuch. Tabernacle. Preach.

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