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Favorite TV Couples (The Lessons I Learned) September 29, 2009

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After all the shenanigans from Martin and Gina yesterday, I decided to post my favorite TV couples and what lessons I have learned from them.  Now some of you bmight not like all the couples I list…and that’s cool cause this is my list and I am excited to see what you all come up with!

Jeannie and Major Nelson

Jeannie and Major Nelson

1. Major Nelson and Jeannie-OK so this one is number 1 because they have something that none of the other couples have (I leave the interpretation up to you).  I like them because even though she was a genie she had real feelings…admirable ones even.  I like the fact that she supported everything he did, even if she did mess things up…he could never say she didn’t try to help him out AND she would worry about him and try to fix things.   I like her a little more than Lucy because Lucy would try to fix things and then mess them up even more (notwithstanding the later divorce) ruins my Lucy/Ricky delusions.  And Samantha and Darren couldn’t make it into my favorite categories because of the whole Endora interference…her being witch sometimes overshadowed her ability to support him as a normal (as close as she could get) wife. (Lesson Learned: It really does pay to stand by your man…even if you have to blink yourself there)

Dwayne & Whitley

Dwayne & Whitley

2. Dwayne Wayne & Whitley Gilbert Wayne- So..from the very early episodes of A Different World, I could see that these two were going to get together.  It was a lot of fun watching him being with different people like Kinu…while pining away for Whitney even though she was with Byron.  It was an odd match with the middle class nerd matching up against the upper class Southern peach…but they somehow made it work with charm, wit and smarts. (Lesson Learned: True love conquers all…even money)

Cliff and Clair

Cliff and Clair

3. Cliff and Clair Huxtable-A doctor married to a lawyer with five educated children is a good premise, but how unrealistic is it?  If you remove all those aspects from the show…and make them a normal married couple with kids who cause problems then it might have been a bit more realistic.  I’m not saying they had to be all the way Florida and James but there could have been just a few more hardships. (Lesson learned: not everything can be perfect, but kids don’t have to ruin the relationship.)

CJ & Janine

CJ & Janine

4. CJ & Janine Payne-When it’s meant to be it’s meant to be.  And I’ve got to admit I don’t think it’s all that uncommon for a couple to have a huge issue, dissolve their marriage then attempt to work it out…all while living in another relatives home.  When you get down to brass tacks, what I love about this couple is their unconditional love of each other.  No matter what has gone on, they’re still right there with each other. (Lesson Learned: Love knows no bounds…see 1 Corinthians 13)

Roland & Joan

Roland & Joan

5. Roland and Joan Burton-As the resident Army Husband, you’ve got to admire Roland’s dedication to keeping house running smoothly.  While they’re not on a comedy but this couple has the right stuff.  Roland’s a psychiatrist(now stay @ home dad and army husband) and Joan is better known as Lt. Colonel Burton… As a high ranking military official, you’d think she wouldn’t have a soft side, let alone be able to let Roland be the man in the relationship, yet she does.  There’s a sweetness accompanying these two that can’t be beat.  And you can’t help but wonder what a good time these two have (especially when you see his oiled body…geezus) (Lesson Learned: Balance & humility can take you a long way in a relationship.)

Honorable Mentions

-Carl & Harriet Winslow

-Phillip &Vivian Banks

-Michael & Janet Kyle

-Martin & Gina (Better known as Nicki and J…who need a show)

Alright…that’s it for me.  What are your favorite TV couples?  What lessons do you learn from the relationships you see on TV?  Do you think there are parallels to real life (’ed up folk)?


23 Responses to “Favorite TV Couples (The Lessons I Learned)”

  1. My favorite couple is Melanie and Derwin (the Game)… they seemed to be the most realistic to me.

    I haven’t learned anything from any of them because I just keep thinking, ‘It’s tv.. it’s a script and it’s written. Life is not written.’

  2. Mikki Says:

    Trudy and Oscar Proud!!! so yea it was a cartoon but I loved that show! I actually think as a cartoon they had to be the most realistic, with the mouthy teen and her best friend, twin babies, grandma living with them crazy uncle and nosey neighbors and a wife who didn’t play!

  3. Mikki Says:

    correction: they neighbors weren’t nosey they just had to show off everything they had, bigger tv, nicer car, smarter and prettier daughter. But what the prouds always had on they was family love. They always had a lesson learned at the end of each show.

  4. Mikki Says:

    Thelma Frye and Rev Reuben from “Amen”

    They got married much later in life but I do believe this was a couple who did it the right way and it wasn’t perfect all the time even on the wedding night but they still loved each other and was always cute!!

    ok thats it for me lol

  5. Jaci Says:


    I’ve never watched the game. I hear it’s pretty good though…so maybe I’ll check it out soon.


    I’ve only seen the prouds once or twice but it’s good that they have a lesson after each episode (was that demographic kids or adults?)

    Also…Thelma and Reuben were a good couple too. I really liked the way they handled a lot of things because it was always evident that they loved each other.

  6. Martin and Gina Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  7. Mikki Says:

    Jaci the demographics was children but I certainly watched it as an adult cuz it was just funny to me, then again I still watch thats so raven so umm yea…..

  8. peyso Says:

    Cleveland and his new wife on the Cleveland Show

  9. Im super in love with Hefcliff & Clair Huxtable. I know their example of life may not be realistic yet it is so attainable. When I watch the show I didn’t see jobs or money I saw love that drove two people to be the best they could for eachother and their family. Watching that show showed what family life could be. No matter what craziness their children got into they supported them and got of love disciplined and guided them. And it showed how humor is a MUST in life–you gotta laugh just as much as you wanna cry! Besides they remind me of my aunt & uncle (my two fav people in the world).

  10. The New Martin and Gina show may need to happen! That’s F-U-N-N-Y!

    On a sad note (and this isn’t self blog promo . . . ) but I’d like you bloggers, twitterers and facebook status-ers to read this, write about it elsewhere and share it with your respective blog worlds. It’s a sad story but must be talked about and kept alive so tha something actually happens to start making these occurrences a rarity. thanks.

  11. Shawnta` Says:

    Hey, y’all.

    @Jaci: Fun post. When I was younger, I loved I Dream of Jeannie. You named quite a few of the classics, especially Cliff & Claire.

    My favorite is Dwayne & Whitley. When we were in college, our friends used to call us this all the time because we drove each other cuckoo and argued like cats and dogs just like they did.

    @Nicki: Melanie & Derwin are good too.
    @Peyso: Love Cleveland Show already. Can’t wait for the next episode.
    @Mik: The Proud Family is classic.

  12. Shawnta` Says:

    Oh, I have to add Winnie & Kevin from The Wonder Years. I loved that show.

  13. Cheekie Says:

    Jaci my faves outta your group is Dwayne/Whitley and Clair/Cliff. I loved the former because of their unlikely union (yet definitely meant for each other at the same time) and the latter because of how they show their love for one another (I LOVE their lip-synching and dance routines they often do…too cute!)

    @Nicki: I STAN for Merwin. I didn’t look at The Game while in primetime, but I’ve been looking at the marathons on BET and was hooked. I just finished the entire third season onlie and I’m among those who are crossing their fingers that BET actually picks it up like the rumors are saying.

    @Peyso: Ha! Good pick. I loved The Cleveland Show premiere. The same self-aware humor is there that is in Family Guy only a Black family is the lead. I love their biting humor and will definitely tune in from now on. I heard the premiere did very well in the ratings.

  14. Cheekie Says:

    Oh, forgot to add my addition. As a Dawson’s Creek geek in high school (um, I still kinda am even though the show has been off for years *blush*), I have to say Pacey and Joey. I fondly remember the Pacey vs. Dawson fights. *sigh* The days, they were good and old…

  15. Shawnta` Says:

    “As a Dawson’s Creek geek in high school (um, I still kinda am even though the show has been off for years *blush*)”

    @Cheekie: I liked Dawson’s Creek too. 😉

  16. Jada Says:

    Cliff and Clair Huxtable will always be my favorite. And just because their reality wasn’t everybody’s, doesn’t mean it wasn’t somebodies. My household was much like this and I’m sure other black kids across America had similar backgrounds.

    @ Nick…I started watching the Game marathons on BET….LURVE this show! I can’t believe they are already giving up on it…but they never do black shows justice.

  17. Jada Says:

    @ Cheekie

    Loved Dawson’s Creek…but I always felt she should have been with Dawson. Her and Pacey were a very ill fit ‘to me’.

  18. Mikki Says:

    anybody know of any good podcast to listen to online??

  19. Shawnta` Says:

    @Mik: has several good podcasts. They have a little of everything…jazz, r&b, hiphop, neo-soul. I think I’ve even seen gospel ones on there every now and then.

  20. Ms. Sula Says:

    Cliff and Clair Huxtable will always be my favorite. And just because their reality wasn’t everybody’s, doesn’t mean it wasn’t somebodies. My household was much like this and I’m sure other black kids across America had similar backgrounds.

    I agree with this. Growing up, we didn’t get a lot of Black American sitcoms so The Cosby Show was the Holy Grail… and we could identify! What made it great is that, it was (almost) location neutral meaning a young girl living in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire could still bond with the characters (I was so Denise in my head! :)). My house was often a lot like the Huxtables! Lol!

    Another of my favorite couple is Whitley & Ron. Just because I thought the writing of the show was brilliant! I discovered it when I moved stateside but own all the seasons. Lol!

    And I also like Derwyn and Mel (I have a crush on Derwyn)… Their journey in LoveLand is very similar to ones I’ve been on.

    Great post!

  21. Reecie Says:

    I can’t believe you all like Derwin and Girl Melanie. LOL. Derwin has gotten it so wrong, so many times. but I’d rather him be with Mel (and do RIGHT BY HER) than be with that Janay. lol.

    Dwayne & Whitley and Cliff & Claire are my favorites. I haven’t watched all the other shows featured but I really liked this post. good one, Jac.

  22. Athena Nike Says:

    No see, I like Malik Wright 🙂 whose marriage is all wrong. But I would not put “Merwyn” into these groups cause they are not married (have missed a couple of episodes, I know they are moving that way).
    Let go back to Girlfriends, Mya & Darnell, I think both of them handled their individual growth/evolution immaturely, Mya “cheating” with Stan/Darnell not supporting her but mainly because they started out so young with a child in tow. But after their divorce they both grew in the areas they wanted, but still found they loved each other, even the ‘new’ people the other was.

  23. Cynthia Says:

    Cliff and Claire are my favorite TV couple of all time!

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