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*Commercial Break* October 7, 2009

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Okay, so I have no clue where Cuzzo is….. In the meantime, enjoy this foreign commercial. It’s hilarious.

And another one… I’m not so sure if I should be laughing at this, being a Christian (I’m sure my granny would clown me) but this was funny:


18 Responses to “*Commercial Break*”

  1. Mikki Says:

    Oh hecks no! Im sitting here waiting for the punch line and there isnt one lol. That would scare the crap outta me ….

    I know beating kids still work but has any adult attempted to throw a tantrum at the same time as the kid?? I wonder what would happen.

    Oh yea and that lil boy looked like he was about 6!! Imma need him to talk!!

  2. It would scare you Mik???? I’d throw his butt down on the floor and walk away. lol.

    I don’t know who but I’ve heard of an adult doing that (throwing a tantrum) and the child just stopped and looked at them.

  3. What in the hel! LOL..a black kid would NOT get away with this.

  4. @Comeback: No way in Hades. But why come I look at people the exact way those people were looking at him in the stores, when their kids start acting like that?

  5. Mikki Says:

    I mean if i was that guy it would scare me because he clearly didnt know how to respond.

    what ever happen to warning the kids/threatening them BEFORE you get inside lol.

  6. @Mik: LMAO. I don’t think the others threaten them like we do. He was prolly scared bc he wasn’t used to that child throwing out like that… girl, that had to be a commercial bc in real life, I would’ve snatched that child up.

    My Sunday School teacher told me that once he asked this lady if she needed his belt to discipline her child, while they were in the line. lol

  7. Anitra Says:

    lol Nic, that is too funny. But yes I agree they probably aren’t like us at all.

  8. Martin and Gina Says:

    Man we would have been straight out to the car, turned the music up, where nobody could hear him and I would have given him something to scream about LOL!!

  9. LMAO. M&G, not you trying to pull a “Paid in Full” move on him.

  10. Good commercial….some people should not procreate! If her were mine, he wouldve had a REAL reason to scream and cry himself to sleep on the car ride home!

  11. @TiffanyNicole: I’d prolly beat him until he stopped crying. lol

  12. Anitra Says:

    lol at the second video, i wish i could jit like that!

  13. @Mik: Girl she is GETTING IT. lol

  14. if i was this shorty it would have been a dual commercial advertising condoms and the WWF. . . cause my old lady would’ve climbed to the top shelf of that isle and brought the people’s elbow down on me so hard you would swear she was The Rock! “Know Your Role! . . .

  15. @Robert: Not the People’s Elbow???? I am in tears. lol

  16. Athena Nike Says:

    That is a leave the cart in the store right then and beat that tail at home tantrum…

  17. @AthenaNike: Oh noo, then you’d have to go back. lol

  18. Cynthia Says:

    That was HILARIOUS!

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