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Relationship Red Flags October 27, 2009

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How Many Have to Fly Before You Go?


Over the course of my dating career I have seen many things that irk my nerves.  I have also seen many of my friends old and young go through dating woes.  From this, I have begun to realize that there  are certain red flags that come up.  At this point, I can securely say when you see these…. leave.

1. Rudeness to waiters. We’ve all been there.  You’re out enjoying your evening.  The mood is right.  Your companion is looking good.  The food comes and it’s cold.  Your companion proceeds to make the waiter/waitress feel like they are scum of the Earth.  This one is easy.  They treat humans in a very inhumane way… Next!


2. Dirty underwear/socks/clothes. First off, it’s embarrassing…Seriously who wants to go out with someone who cannot be bothered to keep themselves clean?  Shower, then put on dirty panties?  That’s ridiculous… bad hygiene is definitely a no no…


3. Chronic lateness. If a person is late three times to meet you, have dinner, coffee, etc. they don’t respect your time.  Past that, not respecting your time is a direct line into not respecting you.

Alright I’m done… Are there any red flags you’d like to add?


14 Responses to “Relationship Red Flags”

  1. The Lioness Says:

    If he’s mean or disrespectful to his mother then I say run! If he doesn’t treat the woman who gave him life the way a man should, then there’s a good chance that he’s not going to treat you well either.

  2. did you call it a dating career lol.

    I like all you mentioned. I have a VERY low tolerance for not just rudeness to outsiders, but my inner circle too. (isnt the mother thing obvious though, I’ve never met a man who was nasty to his momma, even criminals-with no regard for outside authority) and cherish their momma even if she was a terrible parent.

    1. pretentiousness.
    2. “correcting me” in public, conjugating my verbs being just an all around wikipedia know it all.
    3. lip gloss-your lips should not be more shiny than mine

    thats all i can think about now.

  3. Shawnta` Says:

    Hey, y’all.

    @FB: I agree with being rude to wait staff or service attendants in general and with being late…good points.

    @Lioness: You are right about this. My grandmother & mother always told me that when dating a man to observe how he interacted with and treated his mother, sisters, grandmother.

    @cbg: I agree with all 3 of your points.

    Another that I would add is a bad temper/moody. If he blows up at the drop of a hat about something minor, I’d watch out. Yes, I know that what is minor to one person may be major to another but there are some things that are minor to everyone (or at least logical, reasonable, sensible people)… 😉

  4. Shawnta` Says:

    @FB: Meant to add…the dirty undies is just a no-no period. That is just not right.

  5. Peyso Says:

    If you cannot clean after yourself. Not necessarily always keep a clean house but if you lack the ability to use a broom thats a no no.

    If you cannot cook. By cannot I do not mean do not cook often, i also mean the lack of ability.

    If I’m flyer than you. You’re my girl, you’re suppose to dress me.

  6. 1. I’m very pleasant to women. Maybe too pleasant. They are usually my waitresses, so I’m always complimenting, even when I have no interest in them. I’m only a little hostile with the waiter when I feel I’m being ignored.

    2. No man should have dirty anything, when there are so many women out here that will clean stuff for you. I’m just saying, lol.

    3. I’ve grown to expect women to be late. So what I’ve done, like when I go pick someone up is, call them like 10 minutes before I get their and tell them I’m outside. That way, by the time I get there, it’s all good. Or if we’re supposed to meet somewhere, I tell them to be there at 2, when I really mean 2:30.

    my red flags about women….

    any woman that uses profanity on a regular basis.
    any woman that doesn’t smell like a ….woman.
    any woman with dirty shoes.
    any woman that even slightly talks back to her mother.

  7. REIGN Says:

    1. Dog sitting your ex-girlfriends dog for a month while she travels on business, and to add to that… she lives in a different state. So she makes arrangements to travel out of our city and brings the dog the night before, therefore she has to stay a night over!

    2. Lying… only telling me that a friend has a layover in Dallas and “they” are staying the night. 2 days later I find out you have a dog for some reason… then the story aka lie unfolds.

    Woosah! I’m sorry, I rarely comment but that was the first red flag that came to my mind.

  8. Reecie Says:

    good comments so far. I agree that treating waitstaff or any service industy professional poor is a sign, not being able keep your home or body presentable, and chronic lateness–a HUGE pet peeve of mine.

    I chuckled @Peyso: “If I’m flyer than you. You’re my girl, you’re suppose to dress me.”

  9. Taylor Says:

    Red flags: plaque on teeth, dirty fingernails, NOT taking the lid off the pot in a 45degree angle when getting food…GERMS!

  10. “NOT taking the lid off the pot in a 45degree angle when getting food…GERMS!”


    i have a relative who did a lot of FDA and non FDA food related safety testing..and I have never heard of this..

    is it fair for people to bring in neurosis they make up out of thin air? ..why wouldn’t washing your hands before going into the more important than how you lift a lid off the pot. So 45 is acceptable but 34 isn’t? that sounds nutty and unscientific as hel! sorry.

  11. Reecie Says:

    lmao @ comeback girl. but I agree with you. I’m thinking Taylor was joking.

  12. experienceaurie Says:

    I hope she’s joking because that’s a red flag for me. *Steps back slowly….turns…runs away*

  13. LaPreghiera Says:

    Red flags: Kids, bad teeth/breath, pants too short but tryna make them sag, no job/missing wallet, too much jewelry.
    I’m sure there is more but they escape me now.

    Me<<<will slightly talk back to my mother. Love her but I mean, I'm grown and she has to be reminded sometimes.

  14. lmao @ lapreghiera “she has to be reminded sometimes”. I dunno about that one. My grandma is like 70, she’ll still jab u real quick in the mouth if ur talking wreckless.

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