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Sometimes, the box isn’t so Idiotic after all November 6, 2009

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As you might suspect, Today is not my day.  But here I am, nonetheless.  I have been instructed to “post something fun”, and this was the first thing I thought about.



Sesame Street is rapidly approaching its fortieth, birthday.  As an only child(at the time) to a single mother,  Sesame street was an invaluable tool to enhance the learning that was taking place in the home. 

As the quantty of Television for children has exploded with the advent of cable, the relative quality has been damaged irreparably.  Children’s television now has become an incubator for baby consumers.

While Sesame Street is not immune from these pressures (bear in mind, that the proceeds from CTW’s merchandise go to the company which doesnt sell advertising)  it has long been a welcome reprieve from the constant hustle that passes for Kids’ TV.

Oh, my bad, this was supposed to be fun. 

I would like to take this Friday and open the floor up to those of you who might like to share your Sesame Street memories, because I KNOW you have some. 



6 Responses to “Sometimes, the box isn’t so Idiotic after all”

  1. FlawedBeauty Says:

    Haha… well I have two really good ones and they don’t even realte to the show.

    !. My cousin played a character on the traveling Sesame Street productions so I always go to go see it Live… It was great!

    2. My mom was always sure to buy me different characters in plush form. I believed that ALF and Big Bird had hair like mine and there for it needed to be greased. I greased Big Bird’s yellow hair with some Blue Magic and to my delight and later my chagrin it turned green… it’s still green *sigh* oh well…

    Now in later years, I’ve managed to steal some Sesame Streets moments with Patti LaBelle (which I only recently saw w. the kiddies) and some other song meant to build self-esteem

    I certainly hope my kids get to enjoy these classic shows!

  2. LP Says:

    I didn’t watch Sesame Street as a kid…. Blame living on a different continent. But as an adult, I can appreciate the value of shows like Sesame Street and the lessons they impart.

    I am personally a big kid at heart so I am often glued to PBS kids when I skip work… Sagwa is like one of my favorite cartoons!

    Great post.

  3. Aurie Says:

    I was an only child to a single mom as well and I remember Sesame Street as one of the many symbols of consistency growing up

  4. Peyso Says:

    If you read the book the Tipping Point, they discuss Sesame Street in depth there. Sesame Street has the adult subplots because they wanted to encourage parents to watch TV with their kids.

  5. LaPreghiera Says:

    I watched sesame street, had the “exercise on sesame street” album, everything. I was down with the big bird!

  6. brownbelle Says:

    Did the Don Draper muppet really say “thank you sycophants?” I don’t think Sesame Street was dropping SAT words when I was a kid! But I remember that I had a crush on Savion Glover, and at one point my life’s ambition was to be interviewed by Grover.

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