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I Got A Crush On You… November 8, 2009

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Once upon a time everything was super simple.  We’ve talked about the days of Sesame Street last Friday and I began to think a little more about that time in my life.  Just after my Sesame Street Days I had my very first crush.  His name was AJ Davis and he was the most bad-ass overactive kid in my first grade class.  I don’t care,  I thought he was cute and fun.  I don’t know where AJ is today, but I wanna talk about crushes.  I know we all have had them and maybe dated them or maybe we just admired from a far.  That said, I’ve picked five of my top crush songs and the meanings behind each of them.

1. Fantasia-When I See You…

This song transcends just a little bit past first grade and straight to high school…My crush (and for anyone from HS reading I did NOT admit this) was Lucas Noel.  Looking back on it, I think I was so darn mean to him everyday for like two years because I really wanted him.  This song pretty much describes what went on (especially when our lockers ended up next to other) *whew* Something now is taking over meeeeee….I’m not gonna run I’m just gonna stand here til I see you… I got so many PMs for this foolishness.


2. Chris Brown “With You”…

It took a boy named Chris with Chris Brown kinda swag (minus that whole hitting incident) to help me get this one.  To this day, I have the biggest ginormous craziest crush on this kid.  He’s got that tell it like it is kinda thing going on and lie to you not if I could get “with him” I probably would lose my mind… *sigh* And yep, I know… you “been had money” but the money means nothing…but being with you sure would…

3. Fergie “Clumsy”

Can’t help it…First time I saw his eyes he looked straight through men and then some.  He’s got the most gorgeous curly hair I’ve ever seen in my life.  And he’s truthfully that crush that you know everything would be perfect with, but you cannot figure out how to get it right.  Can’t breathe around him, don’t know what to do… feel stupid…trip over your shoes and fall face first… trippin…aww stumbling.. and falling right in love…

4. Stephanie Mills “Feel Good Over”

I’ma just let this one speak for itself… before I make a mistake and do or say the wrong thing….

5. Michael Jackson f. Floetry “Butterflies”

This is a general one.  You gotta admit at some point in life you’ve had a crush that you see them and your stomach tightens and you start to feel a little woozy… *sigh* and then you start feeling “This Is It

So I’ve shared mine… what are you favorite crush songs and stories?  Include a link if you can… I can’t wait to hear them all!



2 Responses to “I Got A Crush On You…”

  1. Shawn Smith Says:

    Hmm. Most of mine were from high school.

    George Duke – No Rhyme, No Reason

    Her name was Juanita and we worked together. Beautiful smile, sweet chocolate color and always sweet on me. She was a year older than me. I remember we got caught kissing in the stockroom. The Juanita in Dead Presidents reminded me of her.

    Your Smile – Renee & Angela

    Her name was Passion Brown (yes, that was her name). I had the biggest crush on her and it would always seem like we could never be both single at the same time. This was jr. high. I found out she lived in the same neighborhood as me at one time and I used to ride my bike over to her house (more like by her house) to see her.

    I’m sure I’ll have more as the day goes on and the ipod hits some random songs.

  2. Aurie Says:

    So High – John Legend

    My best friend JL. She came out of nowhere right on time. It’s one of the most uplifting experiences to find that person when you least expect it.

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