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Men Are Such Big Babies… November 8, 2009

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…But I love them so I’ll take it!

Admin note:  Today’s we’re featuring a guest post from JG over at JGRunstheCity… Enjoy!

I Hate You Jody, I Hate You...

Oh this is not to bash men or anything, but I’m just going to point out some interesting things that I consider to be fact in my small world and we’ll take it from there. This is based on nothing more than the randomness of my mind. 🙂 Men constantly drive us up a wall, and I think it’s just because we don’t get them. After reading this, you still probably won’t but at least you’ll have something to remember to keep you from ending up on Snapped. I’m not speaking on extremes here either, just average man behaviors. Now when they start really acting up that’s when you really take them to task. Your man is so territorial that he has to go through your stuff and keep you locked in the house? No bueno, time to boot him.  Here we go.
When you look at all the things that govern the way men think and act when it comes to relationships it pretty much boils down to them being big babies. They talk about how we women always want to hear “I love you” and they can’t see why they always have to say it, however it’s the same way that we have to coddle their egos. I am so adamantly against the double standards that exist between men and women but I recently started to really turn them over in my head to make sense of it all. Let’s take cheating for example. Men feel like it’s in their nature to cheat, and so when they do it, the expect a woman to forgive them and keep it moving. This actually tends to be how it happens. On the other hand, if a woman cheats on a man, the world stops moving, Satan has arrived, and his mama goes back to being the only woman he can trust. This basically boils down to him being a big baby. The pain a man feels after being cheated on is no worse than the pain a woman feels no matter how they try to turn and twist it. You’re a baby. But I love ya.
Men are big babies because they are territorial. I think when women act territorial is out of competitive drive. Like “you can’t have my man because I’m better than you and I will prove it!”. Men on the other hand are territorial to save themselves. Like “I don’t want no one seeing my girl, blah blah blah, because then she’ll leave me for him.” This leads men to think and act extremely irrationally. Sure he wants you to be arm candy, but don’t look too sweet. He loves the way you look in those jeans, just don’t wear them out. *sigh* Silly, but I still love ya.
Let’s take sex in general. Most men while not being the most chaste themselves would prefer a woman with low milage. Men talk about how it’s just not right for a woman to sleep with too many men, she’s a whore, because she’s allowing someone to enter her it’s different. That’s all ballyhoo if the same doesn’t apply to men. So I can pretty easily reduce this down to men being big babies. While I don’t condone promiscuous behavior I call a Spade a Spade. If you are sleeping around all willy nilly as a man, and you would call a woman out as being loose for the same behavior, Pot meet Kettle. However society has engrained this type of thinking in our minds, so women have to deal with men and their wang-hanging ways with our heads held high. Men on the other hand would lose their lunch to find out their girlfriend has slept with more guys than he deemed “okay” by his mythical mathematic equation. Why? Big babies. Luv ya!
I just find it so funny that for this to be A Man’s World it really relies on women allowing men to THINK they run things. While the above situations are general and only a few examples, it baffles me because women deal with this stuff all the time. The problem is that we allow it to frustrate us. While I am on the campaign to change man’s crooked thinking, I only have one life to live. so I pick my battles, understand that men can’t help the fact that they are big babies, and keep it moving. Now that I have really broken it down to such a simply explanation I feel like I’m in the know now. Like those funny commercials where the mom is serving up her kids big glasses of red kool-aid and she’s off in the corner just chuckling and shaking her head it’s because she knows. That’s what I do now when in the face of a man acting like a baby. Just a soft chuckle and a quick prayer to Jesus for they know not what they do. Gotta love them!
So ladies, any other examples that we can just toss out as men being big babies?


25 Responses to “Men Are Such Big Babies…”

  1. FlawedBeauty Says:

    I think there inherent need to be babied ALL THE TIME.

    And then selfishness….honestly I am going to go ahead and say that everything you said in your post is true. EVERYTHING.

    Seriously, men need to work on the fact that they don’t even want us to look too sexy. They don’t want anyone looking at us cross ways, but they need to know that women are still looking at them. SO RIDICULOUS.

    And on top of that, I just KNOW that Pey and Ink will be here with some foolishness #shotsfired

  2. inkognegro Says:

    Let me start by saying that there are elements of truth to everything you said and it’s indeed important to occasionally say it.

    I mean, I can discuss the dangers of extrapolating the experiences of one individual, or even a small subset of individuals in such a way to discuss the entire gender, but who wants to delve into that kind of reality.

    I’ll just sit over here and watch.

  3. No More Says:

    This is exactly why women shouldn’t be allowed to use the computer.

  4. K Even Says:

    thank you No More.. get this out of here.. COMEONNNNN!!!!

  5. K Even Says:

    all i can say is stop dating “big babies”…

    “Men feel like it’s in their nature to cheat” thats horse crap,

    a mature man, i.e. has his stuff together is established, career/goal oriented etc.. wants a dime on his arm and doesnt care who is looking, at the end of the day she is with me and confidence in oneself makes her want me more…

    I feel like I’m in the know now… sorry but you know nothing, it takes time and perseverance to understand an SO, there may be a reason why he/she slept with all those peeps

    i once heard a woman tell another woman being a hoe is a state of mind… umm.. if its that easy to be a hoe than have at it…

    at the end of the day relationships are a two way street and we all have to cater to each others ego’s..

  6. K Even Says:

    @ FlawedBeauty

    y u getting me riled up on monday morning.. the bengals won.. and you’ve started me on a bad foot.

  7. FlawedBeauty Says:

    @No More

    Hey… JG’s just telling the truth as she sees it! And I think if you visit her site… She’s got a lot of nuggets of truth going on… Like women needing to keep it sexy in the winter etc.


    Hey old sport! Thanks for swinging by this morning!

    I can understand what both of you are saying regrding men and cheating. I know there are some arguments out there which argue it’s in a man’s DNA especially a black man (think of it as an evolution of slave time) and while I don’t agree with it and pray it’s not true…. some men really do make it seem true!

    at the end of the day relationships are a two way street and we all have to cater to each others ego’s..

    I can do that easier if he got a big ego… 😉

    And congrats to ocho cinco and his Bengal pals! WHO DEY!

    More importantly, WHO DAT!

  8. JG* Says:

    LOL the hilarity here is absolutely the best.

    Thank you thank you thank you… You’re far too kind!

    Hold your applause…this is your blog…

    Not mine!

  9. JG* Says:

    @K Even…. why so mad so early? Sir you must wake up better than that.

    I know nothing….. perhaps you are correct. I mean I just randomly write blogs for entertainment purposes in which I pretty much spout off whatever I feel will get people to comment. Thus sparking conversation. I actually don’t date big babies, and this is clearly general, oh and it’s the interwebs. YoU kNo like teH mYspacerz, and de Ch@T rOOmz.

    Re: my comment about men feeling like it’s in their nature to cheat… that’s actually the theory behind evolutionary biology, so while I agree that it’s crap (I can go into this further if you’d like) it can be read in crappy textbooks.

    *kanye shrug*

  10. JG* Says:

    “that’s actually the theory behind evolutionary biology,” well part of the theory….when you get down into it.

    Since I’m not supposed to be on the computer due to my awesome vagina (Shout outs to “No More”) I just wanted to come back and clarify lest I be banned from thinking as well. 🙂

  11. K Even Says:


    Holymolly… i usually dont comment, i just do blog drive-by’s..

    however i know this is all opinion and banter… but some statements get me going…

  12. No More Says:

    “I’m not supposed to be on the computer due to my awesome vagina (Shout outs to “No More”)”


    Now were talking. Less about whiny men and more about awesome vaginas.

  13. FlawedBeauty Says:

    YAY! JG and I were thinking the same thing in regards to why men cheat!

    @No More….

    I got an awesome vagina too and I think I’m pretty darn smart 😉

  14. JG* Says:

    @No More..and it fits so perfectly with your “Deez Nuts” avatar.

    And let’s be honest here people…. any bad conversation can quickly be diffused by the mention of Vagina Awesomery, followed by the appropriate usage of the phrase “Deez Nuts”….




  15. Reecie Says:

    I agree with K Even on this:

    “a mature man, i.e. has his stuff together is established, career/goal oriented etc.. wants a dime on his arm and doesn’t care who is looking, at the end of the day she is with me and confidence in oneself makes her want me more…”

    even those that aren’t that that established feel this way, in my experiences…

  16. Peyso Says:

    I hate when i see blogs about a specific gender. Let’s replace men or women w/ people; then I agree 1000%. I know people of both sexes that fit the mold that you outlined. Adults shouldnt date big babies.

  17. JG* Says:

    @Peyso as someone that reads my blog once in a blue moon you probably know that I talk about it all. However, I just can’t write about dating women. I have ZERO experience in that (Cept that one time in college…..*inserts random spouting of AWESOME VAGINAS* and I’m completely kidding here)

    There are plenty of blogs that discuss the joys/not so joys of dating women. Have you ever read undressingHer? LOL

  18. there was a very poignant sentence in this, which in turn explains how fellas who read this blog should take this with a grain of salt. that sentence read:

    “This is based on nothing more than the randomness of my mind.” – – – JG

    That disclaimer became increasingly more apparent as I read on. LOL.

  19. LP Says:

    Lol @ Robert Weaver.

    I have no constructive anything to say. So I’ll just carry on.

  20. JG* Says:

    @Robert…. exactly.. which is why I added that… But because you lack an AWESOME VAGINA…. people will take notice to your pointing it out. Works for me. 🙂

  21. re: flawed’s, “JG’s just telling the truth as she sees it!”

    we really need to, as educated people, stop saying this. it gives people the notion that “truth” is plural. it’s not. there is A truth.

    but to play along (cause today’s blog is obviously for entertainment purposes only). . . . and away we go!

    men don’t really think we have a inherent right to cheat. we just put that ish out as a cohesive unit (at the first “man meeting” in a cave . . . . many, many, many years ago)as a means of laying the framework for the necessary explanation that will be required of us when you catch us. and it worked! why, because some of yall really believed it and let us smash again. so much for how much we’ve actaully evolved cause some of yall still falling for the okeedoke.

    as for the “when women act territorial is out of competitive drive” . . . MAAAN, GET THE F OUT OF HERE! Lol. 1. Even if yall ain’t better than the new piece we’re scopin’ (and sometimes you aren’t . . . despite your thinking Beyonce’s EGO song was written for you) . . .you’d still be territorial. 2. I call bullsphish on this one.

    as for the looking “too sweet”. yes we like looking at you in those jeans, we just don’t like having to mean mug 74 dudes at the club/restaurant/grocery store or having to cold cock the one that grabs that rear as a result of being ignorant. so do us a favor and wear those joints on girls night out. trust, we ain’t gonna be checkin. we probably going out too!. . or we’re pushing you from in front of the NBA on TNT on TV with a kiss on the cheek, a “have fun” and no eye contact as you walk out with your “f em girl” dress on in preparation of a choreographed rendition with your crew of every Beyonce song that the deejay plays as you snap on the dudes that approach yall with the “I’m just kicking it with my girls” rationale despite the fact that you’re Ppoppin on a handstand.

    in summary. if we gave you the “how to” book on men (one exists . . . start searching for it like it’s the holy grail) . . . yall would still deal with the same ol stuff because of the inability to EXECUTE!

    . . . and stop beleiving Beyone . . . like this blog, it’s just entertainment ( . . . please not the ability to bring it full circle).

  22. inkognegro Says:

    *puts popcorn down, leaves corner*

    “we really need to, as educated people, stop saying this. it gives people the notion that “truth” is plural. it’s not. there is A truth.”


    There are Universal truths (2+2 = 4)

    There are objective Truths (I am a man who requires immense intellectual engagement)

    That is MY truth. It MAY be your Truth, It may NOT be Your Truth.

    But it IS truth.

    *goes back to corner-picks popcorn up*

  23. LP Says:

    *goes back to corner-picks popcorn up*

    Now I want some popcorn!

  24. inkognegro Says:


    It has ranch seasoning…you sure?

  25. i had thought about this long rebuttal to the truth thing and realized that in my opinion (objective) that truly would be a waste of time and elected to add a TRU station on Pandora in hopes of hearing “freak hoes” instead.


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