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Consumption Junction, What’s Your Function? November 10, 2009

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I noticed something intriguing about myself today. I was driving, got lost, and of course became very FRUSTRATED. After deciding I just wasn’t going to make it to my destination, I started heading back home.  I guess in trying to justify not wasting a trip, thoughts of shopping came to mind. *But, I’m on a shopping hiatus for the rest of the month. (I’ll revisit this) I was on a main road so there were a lot businesses. I passed a nail shop and thought “ooh, I could use a manicure”…when I passed Popeyes, “I haven’t had their chicken in a long time”…while at a red light with intentions of staying straight, to my left was a small plaza, “should I turn off and check out that Old Navy?” My thoughts even turned beyond food and clothing – which I powered myself to avoid by the way 😉 – and turned toward men. I wanted to consume (or be consumed) by someone. My mind flipped through my active “friendships” and pondered on who to call for some quality time.

Thoughts of CONSUMPTION, consumed my mind.

When I initially thought about the food, I attributed it to emotional eating from being disappointed about not making it to my destination. But, it was emotional eating with consumption at the root. I don’t want to get too psychological up in here as I could go on about voids and hoarding.

As stated, back to my shopping hiatus…

I decided to go on a shopping hiatus for the rest of  November for a few reasons:

  • My shopping was getting out of control.

Now that I’m back in retail, I’m surrounded by all that good stuff every time I go to work. I think I was coming home with something just about everyday for maybe 2 weeks. And, both myself and my sons closets are already packed. We’re good on all that stuff and I’m reminded of it every time I do laundry.

  • When I’m not the customer, I’m the associate.

At my job, I witness some of the same customers come in day after day, spending, returning, then spending again. It just becomes disgusting after a while.

  • I want to experiment.

I want to see how much more I’m saving by not buying a shirt here, a boot there, or a new coat. I have EVERYTHING already. And, if I don’t have it, I’ll improvise and shop my closet – something I’ve failed to do time and time again. I would really just buy a new outfit or piece of clothing instead of trying to think about what I already may have at home.


3 Responses to “Consumption Junction, What’s Your Function?”

  1. FlawedBeauty Says:

    Great post Cuzzo…

    I know I definitely have issues with consumption (where clothes and everything else are concerned)

  2. ms80sbaby Says:

    Cuzzo…… I know I am an impulse shopper… All that lil stuff that they have at the register somehow ends up getting purchased by me… .Then I get home start looking at my receipt like what the heck did I buy…… LOL

    But I’m going on a shopping hiatus too. I’ve been spending too much money here lately. I wanted some high flat boots for this winter. I got those… So now there is NOTHING else that I need nor want. I have it all ALREADY..

    Good luck on your hiatus.

  3. LaPreghiera Says:

    Unemployment really put a halt in my shopping, obviously. I’ve managed to acquire a few good pieces this year despite, but I don’t have a lot that I wanted but I guess I have most of what I need clothing wise.
    What more can you ask for?

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