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I’m Sorry, I Just Don’t Like “The Game” November 16, 2009

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ADMIN NOTE: I’m sure you’ve all noticed some changes around here like several more guest post than usual and a new writer.  Thanks for sticking with us through the many changes that have taken place and the ones that will take palce in the future.   Much love to you all and have a wonderful week. On a lighter note… I snuck over to One Fourth Random and borrowed this one from JG…Enjoy!

The other day I asked all my tweeps if I was the only Black person in America that does not like the show The Game. This show gets more love than Chris Brown has bowties. Without being its biggest fan I know that it was canceled on whatever channel it was on initially, but old episodes can be seen on BET. (Which means I’m REALLY never going to watch it.) I have also gathered that they are very prone to playing the same show over and over again, but that’s no fault of theirs. While many of my twitfam responded that I am in fact the only person in TEH WHOLE WURLD that does not like this show, others held me down and made me feel sane by echoing my sentiments.

Let me say that I have given this show a try. I really have. All of my girlfriends would rant and rave about this show and I was starting to feel left out. Me and my bff had already watched every season of Sex & The City over bottles of wine and blocks of cheese and I felt like she was moving on without me. So one night I went over to hang out with a bottle of wine in tow, and she was watching The Game. I was excited! I was finally going to be ushered in and addicted to this new show! Yes! Ehhhh no. Here’s an example of an episode I watched:

I just don’t think I get it. Like is this a drama? Is it a comedy? Because they are acting dramatic one minute, and it’s serious, and I think we’re on to something, but then…… OH! There it is. Lame goofy moment and now Twin A is chest bumping Idiot Athlete. I just don’t get it. The acting is piss poor, the writing is bad, and where is the other twin!?

I really started to think about it and it made me kind of sad. I know, I know it’s just a T.V. show but I think it points to something else. I grew up at the Token Negro™ and so I related to shows like Saved By The Bell and hell even Friends. I never really got into Girlfriends (although I do believe this was a good show) and I didn’t watch many Black Television shows growing up. This actually sucks to me and I wish that I had. I’m also not that big on drama. So while The Game is “funny” it’s too dramatic with this girl sleeping with this guy who has a girlfriend, but who’s mama is over here doing this or that. However ultimately I just don’t relate to the characters. I’m not into athletes and girls that love athletes so it’s all just a bit much to me.

This takes me back to Madea. I enjoyed the first few “Madea” movies but after that I just felt they were too predictable and I hung them up. But a lot of people’s defense of that character is “everyone has a Madea in their family” and it almost makes me feel left out again because I don’t. I don’t relate much at all to any of the characters except to say that my uncle is pretty loud and funny and perhaps one day when he’s old and senile he’ll be like Madea’s brother. But as it stands now….nope.

So could it be that The Game really does just suck and I’m not some poor lost girl that needs to get in touch with her roots (no Kunta). Oooooooor (Tom Joiner voice) is The Game truly the best show on Earth and I just need to suck it up, watch some marathons, and drink until I fall in love with it?

Any other shows out there that the masses seem to love but you hate? (If anyone says House you will be banned).


10 Responses to “I’m Sorry, I Just Don’t Like “The Game””

  1. Shawn Smith Says:

    Shout out to the “Oooooooor (Tom Joiner voice)”…..I miss that from listening to It’s Your World.

    I never got into The Game either. The only time I ever would see it was when I had to wait at the barbershop and they had it on.

    I can’t get into The Office.

    I wish I got into Scrubs (I see they are bringing it back).

    Can’t get into CSI: Miami, but love the other two.
    Never saw what the big fuss was over Desperate Housewives.

    Can’t watch other shows that were popular:
    American Idol
    So You Think You Can Dance
    Dancing With The Stars
    America’s Best Dance Crew
    America’s Next Top Model (although I watched maybe two seasons with The Ex)

  2. V Renee Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!! I can NOT get into The Game. No matter how hard I try. Okay, ill admit that I didn’t try very hard, but the couple of episodes I saw, I was NOT impressed. At all. Maybe ill give it another try. Or not. Lol

  3. JG* Says:

    Now I love me some SVU and So You Think You Can Dance. As a dancer it gives me motivation. Outside of that and Food Network, I’m just not with it.

  4. I sorta kinda sorta kinda like the game. I didn’t see most of last season and Im not even sure where its at right now..didn’t BET pick it up?

    The drama/comedy/dark comedy/corn-ball/bizarre..reminds me of the desperate housewives genre a little bit. Like it takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and you’re not sure to laugh or be repulsed that some kid has been raised in a basement LOL..wait thats not funny.

    I think that sort of genre..its not sure what it wants to be. and I think the ups and downs..light and dark of the plots are fast/furious and funny. I also think they are primarily writing for the Gen Y/Millennium crowd-where to keep their attention its gotta move fast-its gotta be a whole lot of things and quickly.

    I never got into 30 rock. Tina Fey mostly bores me. I do LOVE parks and recreation though..with Tina’s side kick buddy.

  5. Ms.Sula Says:

    Let me put it this way for you. Is it a great piece of cinematic grandeur? Nope. Is it even a decent piece of cinematic work? I am enclined to say no as well… Are the storielines about things that a lot of young black folks can relate to? Yes. Is it the only sitcom of its genre currently on the airwaves? Yes.

    When you have such a situation, a show is promoted to a level greater than its true “cinematic” content… The Game might be poorly acted at times and the storylines can seem very convoluted as well… but on Friday nights, it’s cool for me to be able to sit in front of the box and see stories that may or may not pertain to me. That is to me the broad appeal of The Game.

    Different shows serve different purposes of my cinematic diet. The Game is that sweet apple pie that offers no nutrients to your diet, but help you feel satiated and satisfied.

    A show I don’t get the popularity of? Gossip Girl. Like what is this really about? Like really?

    And most of the cop/thief shows are not necessarily my cup of tea… i.e 24, CIS etc… They may be great shows (which technically they are), but it’s just not my thing.

  6. LP Says:

    I like the US version of The Office, but I loved the british version. It was hilarious!

    Another show that was brilliant in its foreign version(Australian) and didn’t really translate into its American version was Kath &Kim… It was so brilliantly funny!!!

  7. HollyGoLightly Says:

    I love the Game!!! Of course it took for Melanie and Derwin to break up for it to became the best thing smoking for me!

    I can’t get into Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewive, or Gray’s Anatomy. The funny this is that I watched all these shows during their first season….

  8. TD Says:

    I didnt like it at first, but ive warmed up to it. not Girlfriends-ugh, spare me. I MIGHT watch one episode, but its just not intriguing. maybe because the characters on Girlfriends are supposed to be older, like mid30s? (i know this isnt “old” but it seemed like the issues on that show came with age)

    I dont know why watching black entertainment for us has to be relatable to be good. i couldnt STAND the Madea series, but i’ve given it a chance because we’re supposed to be able to relate. And through all the cliche writing, it is somewhat relatable. I watched SATC and Seinfeld all the time but, aside from living in NYC (and for SATC, being a women), i have no relation to it. on the flipside, i could watch Roseanne all day because it was a lot like my family growing up–crass, tacky, nontraditional, you-cant-make-this-ish-up dysfunctional.

    even if youre the only black person in the world to not like the show, its cool – no one will miss this show 20 years down the line.

  9. Cynthia Says:

    Sorry the game was a good show i m o. Enjoyed a laugh or two every episode.

  10. Athena Nike Says:

    Never got into Seinfeld for real
    don’t watch Monk, catch Psyche every once in a while but that is cheesy too, All I want to see on USA are reruns of Law n Order
    Love The Game 🙂
    The Office is not as funny as it use to be but I still try to catch it
    Did anyone watch Chocolate News, hysterical!!!

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