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Meet Me At The Creep Inn November 23, 2009

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I’m sure many of you can glean from the title what this post is about.  I’m also sure many of you have been in relationships and done some cheating or been cheated on.  The consequences of this are numerous and can be hurtful in a myriad of ways.  Today I wanna talk about what happens when you are the one is cheating (I’ll cover being cheated on later).  Now, before I go further, let me say I cast no stones.   I can’t because I have certainly cheated.

I won’t say that all the cheating I have done has been sexual, in fact, far from it.  A lot of it has been emotional.  It’s important in this day and time to realize that cheating is not necessarily something we do for sexual satisfaction.  For me, in one instance it was because I was missing the emotional connection I was seeing.  So  I began to share feelings, thoughts and dreams with someone else, which is becoming easier and easier with the advent of these blogs, Facebook, Twitter and the other thousands of social media sites.

What I’m wondering is when you cheat do you consciously think of the consequences it might have on your partner?  For those who are married or in long term relationships did  you ever think you’d get this far?  Do you think you could be in a situation where you love two people or is that as selfish as wanting a boyfriend and a girlfriend?  And if your partner finds out, do you think you’d apologize or not give a damn?


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