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Shut Up and Pass the Yams November 24, 2009

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I am a huge fan of Thanksgiving. 

Yeah, I know, Not exactly how it is supposed to be for hyper Political Negroes like me.

While I am quick to jump on the mythology and lies that are perpetrated in the name of American Exceptionalism, I have always had a soft spot for Thanksgiving.

I mean, sure, if Joe Pilgrim went and raped and pillaged the Native Americans as soon as the Itis set in and then covered it up with some sob story about scalping and Indian Rain-dances then I might be inclined to pass.

The reality is, people are ungrateful bastards who really should look into giving thanks whenever the opportunity presents itself, the politics of the day notwithstanding.

I will take this opportunity to be thankful for all the clicheish thigns in life that people should be thankful for.

I would be more thankful but I am not feeling very thankful right this second. I am sure I will be much more thankful when I get off work on Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, I would like to give thanks for being born Black and raised under the wonders of Afro-Centric Thanksgiving.

Except for Chitlins and relatives who show up late with integral parts of the meal. That is some bullshit and y’all need to stop.

I am positive I would be more indifferent to Thanksgiving if I came from a family that did Pumpkin Pie and not Sweet Potato Pie.

All y’all dudes crowing about white women remember thanksgiving in your calculations…I know my brother in law wishes he had. I wish I would walk into a house that didn’t have the smell of Sweet Potato Pie and the sound of Bad Detroit Lions Football.


4 Responses to “Shut Up and Pass the Yams”

  1. sunnydelyte21 Says:

    LOL. I like this piece. I think I’m going to post an email I got in light of the Thansgiving holiday

  2. Kasey Says:

    Hilarious!!! My poor Aunt Jan (Jewish) when she married into our good southern family had NO clue about a Thanksgiving meal…years later she is chippin in on making Sweet Potato Pie. Not too shabby. LOL

  3. LP Says:


    I often say that thanksgiving is my favorite adopted holiday. Primarily because I like to cook but also because of the inherent “democracy” of the holiday itself. It’s not religious, it’s not (quite) political and is celebrated by virtually every American!

    What I like the most is how different people from different background accomodate the holiday to suit their culural tastebuds… In my household, I serve the turkey with Attieke, a culinary specialty of my hometown. My Indian friends makes a curry seasoned Turkey and serves it with Na’an and Basmati Rice…

    It is updated and adapted and truly speaks of the “American spirit”

    Happy Turkey day to all! May the ‘itis reigns supreme!

  4. lapreghiera Says:

    We were short on dressing this year and I was appalled!! When I saw the small empty dishes they came in I want to tell the folks who volunteered to make it you should pick something else next year cause you are FIRED!
    Thanksgiving is my favourite too, but I am boycotting my family if this happens again!!

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