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Mad Music November 25, 2009

Filed under: Single Sisters On... — cuzzo @ 6:04 am

Lately I’ve been subjecting myself to the radio and I just have to cringe at some of the songs I’m hearing…because they can be so real to me and not always in a good way.

In Mario‘s song “Break Up“, he decribes what sounds like a functionally dysfunctional relationship…which I’ve probably had.

He’s confirming all of his wrongs: “I know I be…saying I’ll be right back, but take too long…I know I be…saying I’ll be faithful but, I don’t. I know I be, making you them promises, then breaking your heart again…telling you she wasn’t who she was, then we arguing – here’s the kicker – BUT BABY…I LOVE YOU! OH!

Yet in the same breath he maintains a certain sense of cockiness: “You gon’ get me up…I’m a take ’em down…I’m a change my ways…We gon’ work it out…Girl, it wouldn’t be the same if you was with somebody else…Girl, it wouldn’t be the same if I was with somebody else – yadda, yadda, yadda – I got what you like and you know…once you lay down, it’s on”

*side note: shhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiit Mario could get it…again and again!*

Anyway, I’ve been here and hearing it verbalized like this is all too microscopic in the sense that the lens is on me. I don’t hear…this dude is grimy, I hear…this chick is weak first.

Melanie Fiona has a song called “It Kills Me” in which she describes her qualms with her man who’s doing wrong but yet, she doesn’t want to leave all the while pretty much driving herself crazy.

She’s being very vulnerable:  “But I can’t be alone, I need you to come home…I know you’re messing around but, who the hell else is gonna hold me down

This pretty much sums it up for me…is this really love? or just being afraid to be alone? Searching the memory banks again, I KNOW I’ve experienced this as well.

And finally, Le Toya Luckett‘s “Regret“, I cannot relate too because I was never ballin’, lol. But, I mention it because the situation sounds dumb. She’s bragging about how the man that dumped her is missing out on all the shine she used to give him and how she used to take care of him. *Scratches head* Sadly, women trick too…but, our tricking is tied to an emotion. She’s trying to be like, haha…you’re a bum now…BUT sweety, you carried him throughout the relationship, tricked on him and HE dumped YOU. How is this triumphant? Anyone else agree or am I being too hard on Toya? The ex wants to get back and Ludacris is on the song also co-signing that she’s better off now.

I’m now thinking that I must associate the singer’s with their songs because radio people like Trey Songz and Genuwine just got way more appealing. Trey sang songs about doing whatever it takes to please his woman (Just Gotta Make It), not wanting to leave his lady but knows he has to make money…but HE’D BE BACK! 🙂 (Gotta Go), playing captain save-a-hoe (Can’t Help But Wait), and sounding a lot more flirtatious on his latest tracks about…well, sex 🙂

A lot of music affirms the trials and tribulations we go through in relationships whether good or bad. No one is saying anything new but I beleive they are saying it in new ways.


4 Responses to “Mad Music”

  1. re:

    “shhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiit Mario could get it…again and again!* ”

    and he (and most men who are in a situation like this) are aware of that knowledge too. hence the reason they can be so cocky about it . . . reminds me of this . . .

    on the music tip, frankly i’m tired of four out of five songs being about sex, lies and videotape. i can’t listen to the radio without being encouraged to go lay it down, lay it down on my wife. and what about the shorties. we wonder why they’re so fascinated by sex and relationships. . . . lil horny toads running around everywhere these days. that’s why Beyonce needs to get her group together, at least they were talking about some real isht with that “Bills!Bills!Bills” song. . . . .

    . . . but I don’t want her to stop making these though! lol

  2. peyso Says:

    I agree with RW. I am too tired of the same themes in the music on the radio. Sex, lies, videotapes and being in love w/ someone who doesnt love you back or leaving someone. I just wanna hear a song about a nice sunny day or some kids playing. Or playing chess or something

  3. Cuzzo Says:

    You not gonna hear that on the radio guys…at least not in this genre. Remember the “blues” part of R&B…blues ain’t pretty. And all it tells us is that time and time again, everyone shares the same experiences, lived it, or knows about it.

  4. LP Says:

    I have to agree with Cuzzo… Music deals with Human Themes, and human themes ain’t changed in forever. Artists (and I am using this term very loosely) will talk about things that matter to THEM… if that’s s3x then so be it… We can’t impose our vision/sensibilities on artists… It defies the purpose. Artists create and we consume. We can choose not to consume but we can’t tell them what we want to consume… We can seek what we want to consume (because it’s out there)…

    To address the topic at hand, we’ve all been in situations we are not proud of today. I think the first step is to aknowledge that and then go from there. Life is about lessons learned and not about being perfect.

    “Mistakes are the portals of Discovery”

    Nice entry!

    p.s: I can’t comment on the specific songs because I don’t even think I’ve heard 2 out of all of them. I’ve heard the Mario one but never paid attention to the lyrics.

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