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InkStained Tuesdays #3: Slashing Tiger Woods with Occam’s Razor December 1, 2009

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I am still Toiling in community college, so my high-falutin intellectual game isn’t quite up to speed, but bear with me on this one. 

Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate

Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily

I don’t remember exactly when I fell in love with Occam’s razor, but I am pretty sure it was immediate and permanent. 

To cut to the chase, Occam’s razor asserts that whenever faced with a problem, the simplest answer is usually the most accurate.

It is ironic that I am such a fan of Occam’s Razor, when my most immediate response to any situation is something along the line of:

“Well, it’s a little more complicated than that.”

But both situations are true.  The simplest answer IS the most correct.  THEN to gain a further understanding you build upon the simple answer.

Let us use a prominent news item as an example of Occam’s Razor in action.

Somewhere between Friday’s Retail Orgasm and Monday’s return to normalcy, The most famous broken glass since Stone Cold Steve Austin Ruled Monday night rang out in everyones consciousness.

I don’t particularly care enough to get into all the who whacked whom with a three-iron and why.  In fact, My money is on Eldrick and Lil’ Mama John Henry freezing out the Police until someone less famous does something MORE stupid and draws the attention. 

It worked for Nevada Senator John Ensign, who owes South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford HUGE for Flushing his OWN career down the crapper over a….solo trip to hike in the Applachians or some such a week after Senator Ensign caught a bad one for…Hell, I forgot. See how the game goes?

The point is, while the particulars of the Norwegian Nightmare and Glass Eldrick aren’t knowable, and probably never will be, the meme has been etched in stone and will probably persist in the face of whatever version of the “truth” gets out.

The meme is WHY?

“His Wife is so pretty/The Other Chick is so trashy looking”

“What about the children?”



*whips out Occam’s Razor, complete with sound effect*

All people cheat to indulge a personal disadvantage in their life

I don’t think anyone sets out in life to grow up, get married, have kids, and then throw it all away to roll in the hay with the first chick to complete the physiological obstacle course that men erect (baha I said erect) to slow down the inevitable bumrush.

And so, you ask, Why not just close the amusement park.  Why the competition? why leave open the chance?

If you’ve never cheated and never thought about cheating (on ANYTHING) you need to Click the X and go sit down somewhere and ask yourself just how it is you are going to extracate yourself from that overwhelming sense of delusion you are esconced in.  The rest of you, act like you know.

There is no mystery to cheating, whether it is claiming other people’s children on your taxes, getting up to 80 on the spedometer, or *ahem* “diversifying your portfolio”.  People cheat to affirm some advantage for themselves or indulge a wanting within them. 

Whenever you see an individual in a position of any kind of infidelity, you need only identify what it was he sought to gain to determine what his motivation was. 

To act as though all this is difficult to understand is to not see the Forest for the trees.

Or to stand in a public restroom and wonder aloud what that horrible smell is.


2 Responses to “InkStained Tuesdays #3: Slashing Tiger Woods with Occam’s Razor”

  1. peyso Says:

    My question is, when is it wrong and when is it acceptable to cheat?

  2. Jaci Says:

    I clearly am going to come back to this…

    In the morning… right now I’m too hungry/sleepy and *editted* to get it.

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