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Even the Gym has Etiquette… December 2, 2009

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There are things that really get under my skin.

  • People with very little will to succeed.
  • Men who say all women are hoes.
  • Women who say the lack of successful relationships fall squarely on the shoulders of men.
  • Children who behave poorly in public.
  • People who sag their pants to a point where they have problems walking and it appears as if they would like to give someone easy access.
  • Butch lesbians and feminine gays who take the worst traits of the opposite sex.

However, there is one thing that gets on my nerves to no end. It only occurs in a place that I happen to spend at least eight to ten hours a week. As a former high school, Division 1 and aspiring football player, I was basically raised there. I am talking about the gym. People who fail to show any decency in the gym make wish I were the patron saint of death and possess the ability to turn them into a mound of salt. This phenomenon is only worsening as people come to the gym by the hundreds due to society’s focus on body image and the new health fad. There are many things that piss me off in the gym. Here is a quick list:
People who come to the gym and talk all damn day
Don’t get me wrong, I will definitely take a call while I am in the gym. However, I will not press pause on the treadmill, speak on the phone for 20 minutes and then not count those 20 minutes that I spent talking on the phone against my 45 minute time limit. If you answer the call, please keep it short and if it really requires your attention step to a private part of the gym or outside and take the call.

People who don’t dress appropriately for the gym
If leggings don’t work for you outside of the gym, you have no reason to believe that they will work for you in the gym. Spandex shorts don’t work for everyone. Just because we are in the gym doesn’t mean you have to wear a sleeveless shirt. Your arms aren’t ready for that. Bouncy boobs are only sexy for the first five minutes, after they become ridiculous; get a good bra.

People who unnecessarily grunt loudly
Why are you making all that noise and you’re not lifting any weights? You look stupid.

People who are inconsiderate at the water fountain
A water fountain’s purpose is to drink, not spit or throw away your gum. Moreover, if there’s a huge lineup at the water fountain, don’t be disrespectful of others by filling your huge water bottle.

People who pressure others to speed up
If I am mid-set, don’t ask me how many I have left. Wait until I am done with this set before you speak to me. If you are really in a rush, ask me to “work in” with me. (Can we work together on the machine?) However, if you are not strong enough to do near the weight that I am doing, please do not try to “work in” with me unless you plan on changing the weights between the sets.

People who offer advice to others
I don’t want your advice. Don’t offer me, or anyone else, advice unless it looks like there are going to kill themselves.

Men who try to talk to every woman in the gym
You look like a crab, if you hit on every woman in the gym. You look real thirsty. Not a good look.
People who fail to return the weights
Put yo sh*t back. Its not fair that you leave the little 110lb girl to unload your 315 off of the bench.

People who fail to wipe machines
You’re a sweaty mess. Please wipe them down. No one wants to sit in a puddle of your disgust.

There are a boat load of videos that capture my feelings on gym etiquette; here is one of them:(A Bit of foul language)

Is there anything that pisses you off in the gym? How about any situation where people fail to follow etiquette of the situation?


4 Responses to “Even the Gym has Etiquette…”

  1. Shawn Smith Says:

    When I had a gym membership I would see women that looked like they dressed up to come to the gym.

    Bracelets, earrings, perfume.

    Women that would walk for 5 mins and consider it to be a workout.

    Extremely hairy men in too loose tank tops.
    Men’s nipples.
    The old guy that’s there everyday with some ghetto torn and tied t-shirt that said “Under Construction”.

  2. LP Says:

    Hilarious!! See? That’s why I prefer working out outdoors than the gym but watchu gonna do, it’s winter and sh!t.

    I wouldn’t say things that piss me off but moreso things that amuse me to no end:

    –>Women in full face makeup sweating on the treadmill. Darling, next time, wipe out the makeup before you get on the machine, that way it won’t look like your face is melting or something. What’s funnier is this lady that comes to the 5:30 spinning class in full war paint makeup. Really? You actually had time to get up and put on makeup all of that before 5:30? Whoa! I barely brushed my teeth. Lol!

    –>Sauna room dwellers/advicers/fill in the blank. I swear I go to the Sauna room just because I am such an avid people watcher. The dynamics in the sauna room are prime blog/novel fodder. It’s just hilarious!! You’ll be able to verify and test every single theory put out by a sociologist about human interactions in the Sauna room. The other day, this very married and father of 2 cat was giving advice to a young lady (she must not be older than mid-twenties at best) about how she should drag her baby-daddy to court, because (as we all learned) the baby daddy’s girlfriend is now pregnant and he went to a hospital visit instead of her son little league game. The whole time I was thinking: do we really need to know that much about a stranger? Is that the new age small talk? What will us with no baby daddy and/or little leaguers we be talking about? What happened to current events and just the weather? *smh*

    But yeah, gyms are a prime environment for ridiculous behavior. LoL!

  3. lapreghiera Says:

    I hate the grunting too. If you’re grunting like that, its probably too heavy or you need to pace yourself.
    Hate the rushers but I do hate having to wait.
    I understand we are there to work out a sweat but you shouldn’t be totally funky when you pull up next to me on a machine or aerobics.

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