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Unintended Consequences: A substitute post December 9, 2009

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I have no business posting on a blog.

Any Blog.

Especially a Blog that isn’t mine.

But, here I am. Because saving damsels in distress is practically written on my Business card.

Shout out to Cuzzo.

So, I’m depressed.

Yup.  Me.  Mr. Ask-Ink-Everyfuckingthing is Depressed.

Not “I couldn’t find her G-spot and now she won’t sleep with me again cause I didn’t hit it right” depressed

Not “Let me grab this gun and do in everyone in the house AND me because The Steelers dropped four in a row” Depressed, either.

Somewhere in the middle.  The part of the middle that I cannot handle on my own.

Yup, the holidays.  Right on Fucking time.

No sooner did I bubble in C on question #50 on my Texas Government Final the clouds started forming on cue. By the time I got home, it was like dusk with a hurricane on the horizon.  This morning…Dawn and not a peep of Sunshine.

But here I am.  Telling strangers on a blog Iguest on that I am celebrating Winter Break by slipping into Depression.

Then again…it could be worse.

I could just run out and Bang 10 random chicks and get my wife so mad that she cracks the back of my truck with a 3-iron and thrusts my entire existence into an unbearable spotlight that exposes my life for the pathetic mess that it is.

Cause I am pretty sure HE’S going through some shit too.

Bazillion dollars, pretty white wife, once in a universe career, cute lil’ mixed kids and all.

It’s a jungle out there folks.  There is no shame in getting help.  There is only shame in doing crazy shit to ruin your life because you were afraid you would be embarrassed by getting help.

Happy Hump Day, folks.

Oh, and if you got information on what uninsured people should do about getting mental health assistance without robbing banks or selling naked pictures of Mega-Star former nerds…drop me a comment.

See you tomorrow.


7 Responses to “Unintended Consequences: A substitute post”

  1. Peyso Says:

    Why is it that black folk are so opposed to seeking professional help?

  2. Been There Says:

    You call the local health department. They have govt mental health agencies that see uninsured/low-income people. Their rates are supposed to be based on income. I am unsure what state you live in but I could probably Google some further info for ya if I had that info.

    Also I bet if you call one of those crisis hotlines they will have information for your state on the programs I am talking about.

  3. inkognegro Says:


    #1 Seeking help can be construed as a matter of a lack of faith.

    #2 Mental Health assistance isn’t free, or even cheap, and you run the real risk of someone taking your money and then talking stupid to you. Been there, done that. (see Been There’s comment for info on that)

    #3 As a Black man, the stigma shines even harder. How dare you stop being manly and feel something. Punk.

    USually I’d be more eloquenticulate, but My mind is too busy racing.

  4. LP Says:

    Have you checked what your university offers?

    I am being a tad hypocritical here because I know I need help (mental health wise), I have the means to get help (insurance and/or money) and yet I don’t get help…

    Depression is a mother. And right now, I think I am in the throes of something that resembles it very closely… Hopefully, I’ll get the gumption to get help… or just go get a nice massage and acupuncture. That might work too. 🙂

  5. Jaci Says:

    Well Ink… If noone else says so I will.

    Thanks for all you do here at SSSO…you really make things easier for me & everyone else by having thought provoking comments and posts.

    You’re one of the best.

    And I’ll research that… 🙂

    Hugs & kisses!

  6. Jaci Says:

    I didn’t see everybody else’s comments.

    @LP I agree. I’m the same way. I completely am aware that I need to talk to someone (although I’m convinced that some shopping would help). We really need to be sure we assure our children that there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. NOTHING.

    And Peyso, yes… I think being a depressed black man presses on yesterdays post a little too.

  7. experienceaurie Says:

    i don’t understand why people can go get government food stamps, but can’t get professional mental health…*shrugs* I guess it’s because one is “sheer survival” and the other is “not needed until it’s too late so i’ll chance it and screw up”

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