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Tantalizing Thursday: Tantric Tips December 10, 2009

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At this point in time I’m sure all of us have heard about Diddy tweeting during tantric sex or about Sting’s 36 hour romp with his wife.  Every time I saw that I always meant to Google and of course something else came up.  Anyways, since we are always talking about sex in one form or other the other I figure why not try something new.

First, let’s get to the basics.

Tantric sex is defined as a slow and sustained form of sex rooted in Indian Mysticism.

So what I was curious about is how do you do it and what are the benefits?  Here’s a brief beginner’s guide:

1. Create a relaxing space with candles, aromatherapy scents and flowers.  Be sure both of you can relax and are distraction free.  This is absolutely key to making the rest of the steps work.  Also, remember that you need to stimulate your partner in various ways.  Remembering each of the five senses and their roles will help as well.  Furthermore, if one sense is disabled other ones come alive… blind fold anyone?

2. FOREPLAY, FOREPLAY, FOREPLAY.-Get it or do I need to say it a fourth time?  Keeping it slow and steady and making every effort to please your partner will make the transition into this wonderful especially since you’re supposed to be focusing on pleasing each other and prolonging the pleasure.  Some examples of this might include the yoni or lingam massage.  If you don’t know…well Google it or ask in comments, but I’ll say it works.

3. Explore each other’s bodies.  This could mean taking a nice bath together (as water releases energies) plus the massaging sensation also brings your spirits together.  Feed each other some finger foods… touch, kiss, lick… here, there and everything… be sure nothing is off limits.  Be honest and communicate what you’re feeling so that your partner knows what you like.  It is important that you are wide open with them both mentally and physically.  This is a very, very special process and you’ve gotta be sure you’re hitting all the right spots.  This step will help you build intimacy which is of extreme importance.

4. Variety is the spice of life (and sex too).  Try new positions.  In fact, try new people.  Add something…anything I don’t know (it’s late… see what happens…SEE… when it’s not my day and I run late…I start encouraging people to do bad things) but just know… that this site has great options…

5. KEGELS!  Work those muscles to make the feelings but hold it in… don’t release.  The idea of this is not at all to orgasm but rather to become closer to your mate.  For men: holding it in can result in mini-orgasms and the final result will be absolutely amazing.  (Just remember to thrust slowly so that your partner can feel every single inch)

6. C, Gs and Os…-Remember for women we’re all about stimulation.  The largest sex organ for us is right between our ears and once you get that down move on to the clitoris… I promise stimulating that will get you some extra attention.  Extra points if you hit the G-spot at the same time.  It’s AMAHYZING and it’ll move you right along to those precious Os… (just be careful… TAKE YOUR TIME)

Alright, there you go folks.  Hopefully some of you can put this to good practice this week.  Be careful though and remember that tantra is all about the balance between the polar opposites of male and female.  In your mind as you’re deciding whether or not to do his think about the tension when you hold two magnets close together…The tension is unmistakable and imagine the relief when they finally smash together.


PS-Try the Kama Sutra as well!


2 Responses to “Tantalizing Thursday: Tantric Tips”

  1. inkognegro Says:

    I swear to God this is going to come in handy one day….(files it away for that moment)

  2. Hi there

    The most important foundation of Tantric sex or Tantric anything is not the relaxation, or foreplay or anything other than the breath.

    Breath work doesn’t sound sexy but it is the reason Sting and other can do what they do. Without the breath work all the other things are simply fancy techniques.

    Now certainly those techniques will be better than the average sex people are having today, but not even a fraction of how great everything is if you learn and use the foundational breath work.

    You can find out more at

    Have fun and do not become one of the 40 million sexless couples in the US. get educated and empowered today.

    be amazing

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