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Bad Baby Mamas and The Drama They Bring December 14, 2009

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There’s a strange predicament facing Black America with the onslaught of 2010.  It has nothing to do with the environment, the recession or the war in the Middle East.  In fact, it is a war with far more dire consequences than any the world has ever seen.  It is the war of the Black mother against her child.  With the release of the movie Precious, we see a mother who is so unconcerned with her own child’s life she is mean and abusive to the point no child should ever have to see.

Not long after the release of that movie, the body of five year old Shaniya Davis was recovered after the US and world learned that her mother was bartering sexual favors from her own child to gain drugs.  Babies have been left in cars for hours, while other children have been forced to endure the heartache and hardship of being left alone at home with no food and no way to get any in what has proved to be one of the most interesting and cold winters across the South as well as other parts of the country.  All too often many children are being used and exploited.  We’ve heard the story of the mother would who give her man anything (including her little girl) just so he would stay.  We know about the little boy who cringes everytime he sees his stepmother because she is verbally and mentally abusive.  This has to stop.  It is pushing our children in a direction they don’t need to go.

Those are examples of mothers who are absolutely horrid, but what about mothers like Army Spc. Alexis Hutchinson who refused to show up for her deployment because she claimed her 10 month old son had nowhere to go.  Does that make her a bad mother?  I don’t think so.  In fact, I see a young woman aiming to do the best she can raising her young son, but the ones who are doing the right thing are always overshadowed by the monstrosities and disasters.

What do you think can be done to solve this predicament?  In many cases, a state staff member is sent out to investigate, but often they turn up with nothing.  Do you think the states should be held more accountable for what goes on?  Remember this is also taking place in foster homes and adoptive homes.  Is the media responsible for more this taking place? And does anyone live in a state, who like my own, has a parenting program to assist?


2 Responses to “Bad Baby Mamas and The Drama They Bring”

  1. Inkognegro Says:

    History by anecdote is a dangerous thing.

    Sure, as it has been throughout history Parents have behaved badly.

    Considering the way this economy has ravaged the working class and the persistent dumping on the underclass that this society engages in, I find it pleasantly surprising that these stories dont dominate the news.

    I would submit to you that many of these parents are doing yeoman’s work compared to some of the privileged (economically) children and parents I see on a regular basis.

  2. sunnydelyte21 Says:

    In my state, NJ they have programs they help the mothers & fathers become better parent.

    I don’t see why thinging like this increasing. But then you have to look at how that person was raised. As should the person, so that they will break this never ending cycle.

    I grew up in a household, where my mother put my stepdad and their daughter over the rest of us(her kids).

    And I refuse to be like her. My daughter is 1st and will always be.

    All I can say is we have to pray.

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