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Ink-Stained Tuesdays #4- More Holy, Less Daze December 15, 2009

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With fewer than ten days left until Christmas, I felt it my duty to inform you that it really doesn’t have to be this way.

You don’t HAVE to stress over toys no one will care about in 45 days.

You don’t HAVE  to play those stupid songs over and over again.

You don’t even have to tie that tree to your car and lug it home and create a fire hazard in your living room.

All you HAVE to do, is keep peace on earth and Good Will towards men.

And honestly, you don’t even have to do that.  just try not to make a mess out of it for anyone else.

This notion that there is a “right way and a wrong way” to do Christmas is a sin and a shame, as my Grandma would say.

Personally, I find the whole notion rather tiresome, since I spend most of December agonizing over the holiday plans of others for money, but it’s vital that I put up a good face for my family.  So I do it.   But only to the extent I believe it prudent.

Trips to Sit my pride and joy on some moonlighting guy in a red suit at the mall for a photo op?  Nyet.

Gaudy displays of lighting in an effort to jack up my electric bill? Nein.

Spending myself into oblivion in an effort to prove something to anyone? Iie

Visiting people I don’t particularly like all that much just because my mother-in-law insists on it?  N…well probably.

The point is, Holidays are YOUR day to celebrate (or not) as you see fit.  The Inkognegro Family would encourage you to do it YOUR way.

Happy Holidays.


3 Responses to “Ink-Stained Tuesdays #4- More Holy, Less Daze”

  1. Sunny Says:

    HANDCLAPS for this. Couldn’t have said it better.

  2. outofhand Says:

    clap clap BRAVOOOOO. I will be reposting (and of course giving due credit)

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