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Ink Stained Tuesdays #5 – The Tyranny of Celebrity December 22, 2009

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Nature Abhors a vacuum.

In a society built to be a meritocracy specifically to avoid the unfairness of Monarchies and Feudalism, it was inevitable that mere merit would be able to determine the strata.

As America ascended to dominance, one thing became increasingly apparent.  America Has found its Aristocracy.

Celebrity is America’s Aristocracy, it has been Since our founding.

With every evolution of the media, from Thomas Paine and Common Sense through You Tube and Twitter, the Media has twisted and contorted itself in order to subsist off of an insatiable need for individuals to wallow in fame.

Celebrities ARE people too, they live, they die, they go to the store, they make lifestyle choices, but those choices are too often magnified for our own entertainment.  At our urging, we encourage the media to build these individuals up to mythical proportions only to take the wrecking ball to them just as soon as is advantageous.

And we try to act like we don’t care, but we do.

Are there more important things?  Who defines what’s important?   You do.  So maybe there aren’t

Remember, nature abhors a vacuum.  If you stopped paying attention then the vacuum that was created would be filled by something.  What y’all call real news, no doubt.

But…you can’t turn away.  Because deep down, you care.



One Response to “Ink Stained Tuesdays #5 – The Tyranny of Celebrity”

  1. peyso Says:

    This hits home in light of Brittney Murphy’s death and the downfall of Tiger Woods. We forget that celebrities are people, they are human. Or maybe we only remember when it is convenient for us to do so? I dont know. But what I do know is that we treat celebrities as if they are some type of coon or sambo. Forcing to dance and jive whenever we please. I -think its shameful and we need to stop

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