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Men & Money December 28, 2009

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(I’m using this as a segue into next week which is really gonna be when posting resumes)

All I wanna know is why men spend money on what the spend money on?

Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about… cars, games, strippers…? 

Especially African-American men… I’m only asking because in every poll we outspend our salaries on rims, chains and other crazy stuff (like cars with Elmo on them).



18 Responses to “Men & Money”

  1. Tunde Says:

    what are you talking about? sounds like a bunch of general assumptions are about to me made. i hope not.

  2. FlawedBeauty Says:

    I’m asking more than I’m assuming based on conversations that I’ve heard at work.

    The stripper thing was recurring with some guys talking about dropping as much as a thousand dollars in one night.

    The car thing was also big. I kept hearing about rims & shrink wrapped (that’s what it’s called right?) cars.

    So what I’m asking is why are men (not saying women don’t but that’s coming next week in a more elaborate way) spending so much on things that are not lasting (like homes or investments?) Furthermore, I centered in on black men because most of the white men I’ve encountered will admit to partying, etc. but they also admit to having stocks or trying to buy real estate. I’m curious to whether this is strictly southern? IS it because of the way some were raised or has the so called hip-hop generation & idolizing of celebrities brought this about?

  3. Hmm.. interesting blog. I think men spend money on things based on goals. That’s why. We’re inherently goal oriented. So for a guy if he wants a Benz, he sets his sights on what he has to do to get that Benz and he does it. So then he buys the Benz, it’s an accomplishment for him.

    The strip club is the strip club, the reason why people spend money in there is obvious, because that’s what you spend at the strip club.

    I think the more mature and cultured man, spends his money discretely. Stocks, Investment funds, Living, Eating Healthy, Education and work attire is probably where you’ll find their budget.

  4. FlawedBeauty Says:

    I think the more mature and cultured man, spends his money discretely. Stocks, Investment funds, Living, Eating Healthy, Education and work attire is probably where you’ll find their budget.

    Precisely. But Dr. J, keep in mind that I know your age and I know mine. I assured that your money is probably kept in a more discreet manner, but I am sure you spend some doing what men of your age and stature (educated, etc.) do.

    I know that women in our age group spend money on hair and nails and such, but I do think (at least hope) there’s some inclination toward saving. Personally, I just started working a pay every two week job. I insure putting a nice amount (what some make every week into savings) only because I can see how much this will mean 20 years ago, but I can’t understand for the life of me this propensity toward throwing money away. Do you feel as though this behavior will taper off in coming years or no?

  5. Why would I go to the club and drop $1G on a table for no reason but to stunt. I don’t know, because sometimes there’s extra cash flow, it’s been a while and you want to ball out major. It feels good to have those random nights where you have the VIP the glits and glam. I know now, that it’s been a many of years, coming up on the 4th in a row that MLK and Memorial Day it is shutdown in Park on Sundays according to my team. We will keep doing it, that’s our tradition.

    To answer the next question, yes the behavior does taper off. I’ve already set a personal goal that by the time this year ends, I will not be out as much as I am now. I think the people who are still in the club and strip club blowing money are chasing a dream, I on the other hand am living it. I want different things and at this junction in my life those things are grown man things. Not a strip club, a car with rims, or bottles in the club.

  6. FlawedBeauty Says:

    @Dr J- I can feel you doing it once or twice a year, but every freakin check?! I know I got bills to pay (student loans, car note, stuff like that) I say shut it all down, but the next day take your butt to your work…be responsible.

    I’m glad to know the behavior tapers off. I know at 23, I’m not out half as much as I was when I was 21. I’m kinda over it. I’m trying to buy a house, but I wanna see young black men doing the same thing.

  7. lapreghiera Says:

    Black people of the hood variety, never understood the difference between discretionary income (the money you have after you pay your tithes, investments, and bills) and living check to check money. You don’t drop $1G at the club when your baby mama’s lights are off and your child needs pampers.

  8. inkognegro Says:

    We shine because they hate us, floss cause they degrade us
    We trying to buy back our 40 acres
    And for that paper, look how low we a’stoop
    Even if you in a Benz, you still a nigga in a coupe
    -Kanye West

    For whatever his faults, Mr. West hit it on the head here. Black folks have been trying to BUY the dignity Stolen from us when we touched down on these shores.

    Whether its “classy” Spending and living from check to check above your means…or Robbing Peter to pay Paul to “fit in”…We all use Consumption to speak for us.

  9. peyso Says:

    This is easy. To get women

  10. Jaci Says:

    @peyso We (I) are not amused.

    @Ink-We ain’t neva gonna get that forty acres or the mule. And when you think about it they don’t really owe us that anymore. It’s enough for me that I walk in the front door at a job and am free to do whatever the hell pleases me. I can’t keep sitting here waiting on somebody else to fix a five hundred year old crime. It happened, by grace and mercy we’re free, we have to move on and quit dwelling on it. Furthermore, if we would act with more dignity maybe we’d have more and the behavior regarding money that I am speaking must sure make Booker T. Washington spin in his grave… Just my nickel…

    @lapreghiera apparently that’s exactly what you do…why should your child be able to see or be warm when you could have some nasty used… I’m stop there… in your face?

  11. peyso Says:

    @ Jaci – You are amused. Having things gives the image that you have it all together. That your ducks are in a row. When in fact they probably arent.

  12. Jaci Says:

    @peyso I’m amused by the sentiment, not the action. Honestly, when I see you with shrink wrapped cars and lambo doors I think you’re nuts. Let me find out you drop a G in the strip club… I’m going to wanna know why you didn’t make a CD out of that. That’s just how my mind works.

    I KNOW boo-piece would think you were certifiable for it…

  13. peyso Says:

    @ Jaci – Every woman isnt as sane as you

  14. Jaci Says:

    @peyso thx for the compliment dearie… not all are as responsible as you

  15. experienceaurie Says:

    i spend money on tithes, bills, savings, and travel expenses for the most part. nothing shady here. hate to disappoint

  16. JSin Says:

    Interesting post. I will definitely be swinging back through next week to read more.

    Swing by and check my blog out. I’m interested in getting your take on some of the topics I’ve written about.

    Thanks in advance!

  17. Hi there, awesome website, just curious what spam blocker software you use for filtering out junk websites because I have been hit by so many spammers on my web site.

  18. jac Says:

    Askimet. It comes w/ WordPress.

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