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It’s the What in You? December 29, 2009

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I’m sorry Mary Mary but sometimes I can’t hear your music over your hips tight clothes.

What In the World?

I really don’t have that big of a problem with the gospel (now crossover) group Mary Mary but after hearing their hit “God in Me” 5 bajillion times because it plays on mainstream and gospel radio stations, they are irking me at the moment. Gospel artists aren’t really known for being “fashionable” even though people dress to the nine’s in church (can I get an amen?).  I began taking note of how this group dresses after a friend of mine’s made a comment on Facebook about one of them when this song first came out and was being played on the urban stations. He said something to the effect of thinking of something in one of the group member’s and it wasn’ t God.  *and from this pic, you may be able to tell which one I’m talking about*

I know it may be hard to try to look decent and not frumpy when you have a shape. Or, just to be fashionable while you’re trying to deliver a message about Jesus. Even in, “God in Me” they seem to be putting fashion and things in front of the word. I wouldn’t even call this song Gospel, but R&B that mentions God.

You’re so fly, You’re so high

Everybody round you tryna figure out why

You’re so cool, You win all the time

Everywhere you go, Man you get a lot of shine

Draw like a magnet, Better yet I have it

Everything you wear, People say they gotta have it (envy much?)

From the sweat suit, to the white tee, to the Gucci (did Gucci pay them?)

You can probably say, People wanna get like me (conceited much?)

2nd Verse:

You see her style, You think she nice

You look at her whip, You say the whip tight

You look at her crib, You thinkin’ she paid

You look at her life, You think she’s got it made

But everything she’s got, The girl’s been given

She call it a blessing, But you call it living

When it come to money, She can be a hero

She write them checks with a whole lot of zero’s

…And the justification for all this flyness, Gucci bags, and check writing… Oh yea, God.

I know people who don’t look “fly” everyday, don’t have whip, yet God shines through them…they are blessed. And, I am blessed to know them. So, Mary Mary, these are NOT the only blessings God bestows upon people…the material things are not what makes people blessed. I just don’t know Mary Mary…I think this song sends the wrong message.


21 Responses to “It’s the What in You?”

  1. Tea Says:

    Whew Cuzzo, you sound a bit bitter. I get their point. Since pop culture is the new big thing, they were trying to touch on the fact that behind every high roller, it was God’s purpose. This song was definitely geared to the younger crowd.

    I personally don’t see anything wrong with her clothes…umm Adam and Eve were NAKED when they walked the earth, and even when they ate of the fruit, they only wore a sheath cloth to cover their male/female arousal areas…these ladies are fully dressed. Frumpy and oversized is an expectation that man created, not God.

  2. Kim Says:

    I think you are definitely missing the point of the song. Today’s generation is driven by success, money, cars, clothes etc… This is just a way to relate to that generation on their level. Letting them know that it’s more than what you see on the outside. Yes this person has a nice car and nice clothes, but they have been blessed b/c they keep their eyes on the Lord. Which leads us back to what our preacher’s have taught for years, if you keep God first everything else will fall into place.

    As for the clothing, I will admit that some of their clothing can be a bit risky as gospel artists. But noone is perfect. These sisters are doing what they can to spread the gospel and introduce young people to Christ, who might not hear about him otherwise. What are you doing besides critcisizing?

  3. Nightfall Says:

    I came up in the church and my parents don’t get how I can like “earthly” music. In this instance I think that a less specific, less technical view has to be applied. Mary Mary have a nice song here. One of many that they’ve given the world. Is it pure gospel? No I wouldn’t say it that but as part of theie collective body of work, to over analyze this may miss the point. Basically that blessing come from on high. they may be seen, unseen, material, personal, emotional but still they are blessings none the less. Blessings that would have to come from a steady relationship with god. I think the song at its best would be an attempt to draw folk into a conversation about such a relationship.

  4. Sunny Says:

    The song is catchy and I like it, but I’ll be the first to admit, when I hear it, I don’t immediately think gospel.

    I’m not into the hipper gospel- I don’t want to hip hop for Jesus.. some people like it- I’m gonna support anything that brings the kids into it and gives them some excitement… but please, don’t expect me to jump up and feel a Tonex gospel song, or anything of the like 😉

  5. cuzzo Says:

    @Kim – my dear friend, your question: “what am I doing besides criticizing?” makes it seem like the only way to bring people to God is to have a record deal.

    Yes, they spread some Word but idk if their intended audience is really hearing it over the outfits. Read what the person on FB said about “God in Me” and NOT focusing on the message. THAT’S what triggered me to delve into what they wear. I’m not on a witch hunt after MM.

    @All – I couldn’t find the pic (maybe MM themselves felt it was distasteful for their image as well) but they’ve done an ad for PZI Jeans in which they basically look very seductive, as most jean ads are because what your “booty” will look like is what they are trying to sell to you.

  6. Sunny Says:

    “@All – I couldn’t find the pic (maybe MM themselves felt it was distasteful for their image as well) but they’ve done an ad for PZI Jeans in which they basically look very seductive, as most jean ads are because what your “booty” will look like is what they are trying to sell to you.”

    @Cuzzo: I’m not feeling the overly sexy stuff related to church either… and maybe it is my granny coming out of me. I just think there is a time and a place for everything…. and I don’t want to see boobage and ass-age while getting my praise on. lol

  7. QueenT Says:

    I do understand your point, but they are trying to reach a generation of youth that put a great deal of emphasis on material things, so they have to tailor their music and lyrics to reach a new generation.

    I will say the more heavyset MARY could tone down her look a little more. She does appear to do too much at times with her wardrobe, or too little.

  8. cuzzo Says:

    @Queen and all who “get” that it’s for the youngsters – Thanks for that POV. I’m not a youngster anymore *sigh* lol, so I was not into the message.

    I love when readers/commenter/s incorporate an understanding instead of just outright judging and name-calling. I wrote a post about not seeing why there should be a bilingual GED exam and was basically called a Nazi by everyone except one commenter who EXPLAINED that it’s different for non-English speaking people to comprehend English versus reading and writing it.

    @Sunny – you’re off your commenting hiatus I see 🙂

  9. Sunny Says:

    “@Sunny – you’re off your commenting hiatus I see ”

    LOL. I come in and out of hiding… but I always read and keep up with you guys. 😉

  10. Tea Says:

    Awww man, I missed the GED debate. Let me go back and find. Being that it’s how I make my living, I’m somewhat in agreeance with you. Come to the states, learn the language and get an education. We coddle entirely too much here in the States. That is all. Lol

  11. cuzzo Says:

    Dang Tea – I needed some reinforcement that day too 🙂 People were going in on me like I hated Spanish people. QUE??? lol

  12. Tea Says:

    Lol, I can imagine, it’s a hot topic, especially here in Florida.

  13. cuzzo Says:

    You’ll be happy to learn that I heard about it while in Miami –

    a short rant which I’m over, lol.

  14. ms80sbaby Says:

    I actually like the song. Yes, some of the lyrics can seem materialistic unfortunately we live in a materialistic society. I personally like the message that it sends.. Well, at least the message that I get…. To me it’s saying it’s more going on than just what you see……It’s praying, changing, and giving. The blessings are a result of a relationship with God.

    I like the line She call it a blessing, But you call it living because it shows a difference in thinking. She knows that she’s being blessed and you’re thinking it’s a result of her “lifestyle” (possible good job). Then it goes on to explain the background scenario of her blessings that you’re not thinking of. But what they don’t know is when you go home And get behind closed doors man you hit the floor And what they can’t see is your on your knees So the next time you get it just tell em. It’s the God in me

    And with this line: When it comes to money she can be a hero She writes them checks with a whole lot of zeros To me I think of hero as in terms of helping someone else out in their time of need. Not necessarily just to stunt. I’ve wrote checks before and didn’t consider myself a hero. They could have though. I look at it like as long as I continue to bless others I’ll continue to be blessed.

    My favorite part of the song is:
    What is it you think you see
    When you see me, you see me
    You don’t know how much I pray
    Don’t know how much I gave
    Don’t know how much I changed
    I’m just tryna explain

    To me that’s just saying I know you’re wondering what it is about me. Is it my job? is it my family? My response is that I prayed, I gave, and I changed. So instead of wondering what it is let me just explain that it’s the God in me. It’s more than “whatever” you’re thinking it is.

    And Cuzzo, I think the people that you mentioned as far as God shining through them… I think they’re also mentioned in this song too…. In the lines You’re so fly, You’re so high
    Everybody round you tryna figure out why You’re so cool, You win all the time Everywhere you go, Man you get a lot of shine
    Draw like a magnet, Better yet I have it
    To me these lines refer to God shining through someone’s personality…

    Good post 🙂

  15. Tea Says:

    *standing ovations for 80’s*

    btw, i have those shoes that the red headed Mary is wearing…just figured i’d throw that out there.

  16. ms80sbaby Says:

    Hey Tea…… I can’t even see the pic…… I get a big x instead… Darn work computer…. LOL

  17. Jaci Says:

    I think this is a fab post and I’m going to be back to comment…

    in about 20 minutes

  18. Jac Says:


    I think this is a great post. I like the song & I like Mary Mary a lot more now than I did when they first came out. Anyways, I think image is a lot too, in which case theirs is lacking in the mode of traditional Gospel singer. Since I’m traditional I have a hard time getting it but I’m a full believing Christian so it’s not totally for me. BUT if it’s reached just ONE person then I think they did their job.

  19. Tea Says:

    the shoes are leather zip down peep toe ankle boots that snap on the sides, lol…yeah it’s a mouthful.

  20. enyfilms Says:

    In the end arent these two just reflecting back what their audience looks like?

    This is one of these Black Women Issues- in that face it the “good girl” re: church girl” and the way not so good girl have been merged.

    They dress alike-listen to the same music generally – I mean I have passed lots of women cars playing Akon’s “I Wanna Phuck You” very loud with the curses when you see em these aint the hoodrats yall. Good women now seem to act like or want to be like their very antithesis-in small moments but nevertheless they many to be the “bad girl”.

    If you trying to sell to the good women well I assume MM’s marketing team just takes one look at how the women who show up at performances/signings look – and from there take their cues on how they want the group to look esp in a non church setting.

    And in those places most if not all of the other female entertainers will be dressed waaaay more provocatively. I got pics of grandma and the fam as a child coming from church-they look it. Yet there are Sundays up here when the weather is warm-some of these women are really blurring the line. its even crazier at work. In my 20s’ in every job I had there would be lines of women improperly dressed-with like maybe two guys and usually it was tuck in your shirt and tie up the timbs. But it was the women that were always singled out and yes their clothes were not appropriate for the office but that was in the late 90’s. Now the line is blurred totally. Shoot some good women now take stripper lessons. Perhaps women have taken the whole “what I wear doesnt define me” thing too far.

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