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Ink-Stained Tuesdays #6 : The UnMadness of Anger January 5, 2010

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The new year is five days old and the fan has feces on it already, folks.  With every new year, men and women swear that THIS year will be different.  They talk about all the things they will not put up with in the new year.

In Detail.

Naming Names and everything.

I have been doing less typing and more reading online the past several days, mostly because folks have so damn much to say.

Usually most of this talk is a bunch of mamajahambo, with no one trying to break rambo.

Not, so this year.

Sisters are angry this year.

Angry at the media

Angry at Black Men

Angry at each other


Now, some of you are already bracing yourselves, cursor on the comment button, phasers set to obliterate.

It’s okay, really.  I am not here to question your anger.

For those of you who are too frustrated to be angry, I am not here to critique your frustration.

Then what you here for then?

I am here to advise you to own your anger.  I am here to advise you to own your frustrations.

Anger itself isn’t evil or sinful, it is a legitimate emotion.

It is, however, very difficult to control, and should rarely steer your actions.

People who live in anger don’t worry about the consequences of their actions.

People who OWN their anger have an investment in that rage and manipulate it.

I don’t have a problem with Black Women being angry.

I have a problem with Black Women being mad.

Angry Black women articulate their frustrations and crystallize issues and create a framework to build solutions.

Mad Black women are just mad.  full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

Angry Black women don’t always yell. In fact, sometimes they don’t even speak.

Mad Black women never stop yelling because they swear no one can hear them otherwise.

So, as we move on into the inevitable war of words as this thing heats up, As a definite non combatant, I can only advise my sisters to make sure of one thing before moving forward.

Check yourself, sister.  Are you angry or are you mad?

Are you angry?  Why?

don’t know for sure?  Then you’re not angry, you just mad, boo.

Go sit down and and think about some stuff.  We’ll still be here when you come back, unfortunately.


4 Responses to “Ink-Stained Tuesdays #6 : The UnMadness of Anger”

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  2. LP Says:

    Is there any other options available aside from Angry or Mad? If so, I would like to check them out since I am neither angry nor am I mad.

    Happy Tuesday! 🙂

  3. inkognegro Says:

    Yes. I dub thee spectator. This is for anyone who happens to feel like they gotta little angst in them and needs to get it out

  4. Jac Says:

    Hey Ink! Great post.

    I’m not mad or angry either. Actually I’m rather happy.


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