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Stay In To Hang Out January 12, 2010

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Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned get-together with friends? Personally, I love hosting them. I never have a plan…just food and people…and it works out somehow. Most of the get-together’s I’ve attended have been centered around movies, concerts (on TV), or games. Thank God (and America) for holidays ๐Ÿ™‚ So what if most are so-called “created” just for us to consume and waste money. I find them to be little excuses for us to be more physically social (I say “physically social” because we are pretty much virtually social by way ofย  facebook nowadays).

If you’re really into get-togetherness, there’s an opportunity to be physically social 12 times a year! Not sure how to get started? Here are some suggestions:

January – Ring in the New Year formally or casually. Break out that fine China and cocktail attire and put on a class act for the night. Or wear whatever and fry fish.

February – Valentine’s Day. Get super lovey-dovey with one person…or several people, lol. No, not in THAT way…no big love up in here. Since this is “Single Sisters Speak Out”, I’m thinking get together with your single girlfriends and pamper each other. Or ladies, gather up your single male friends and cater to them…vice versa for the men ๐Ÿ˜‰

March – You don’t have to be Irish to get drunk….(little John voice) YEEEAAAAAUUUHHHH! Wear green, break out the booze, get creative with some Lucky Charms, and call everyone by there last name, altered with a “Mc” or an “O’ ” in the front.

April – Praise da Lawd and have a Holy Ghost party. Make sure you wear pastels and perform karaoke to your favorite Gospel songs. End the time with a Holy Ghost praise dance contest.

May – tell stories about the most beautiful and most embarrassing times you’ve had with mama…watch “Mommy Dearest”

June – do “dad stuff” like go fishing, listen to 45’s and watch westerns…or whatever your dad did

July – Cook Out! (no eggs in the potato salad)

August – uhhhh, you must know someone with a bday in August *shrugs*

September – take a load off and shoot the breeze about the crazy ish that goes down at your j-o-b.

October – play a themed dress-up for Halloween – “For the Love of Ray J possibly”? Bob for suggestively shaped fruit

November – get up with friends the day before Turkey Day since we’re all pretty much with the fam that day. swap and try out different recipes…have a sweet potato pie bake-off.

December – wear ugly christmas sweaters and re-gift stuff from your house…sing Christmas songs with over-the-top riffs and ad libs.

I’d like to know some of your most fun get together experiences, whether you attended or hosted.



3 Responses to “Stay In To Hang Out”

  1. Nicki Sunshine Says:

    Very good ideas, Cuz!

  2. LP Says:

    This list is so much fun!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    This –>Or wear whatever and fry fish.<– is hilarious! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love get-togethers and will use any excuse to host one… Next week I have a "well, some of us are going back to school so let's party one last time" get-together… and on monday I have an MLK brunch party to attend…

    I just love social events in general so I don't mind

  3. lapreghiera Says:

    New years we had a slumber party after watch services at our diverse churches but it really just turned into a new year party cause the host had someplace to be the next day and so no one really got to sleep.
    Our family and friends of young adults use to get together monthly for movie nights, just sit around and kick it. Sometimes it was BYOFood or the host fed you. But it seemed like the same few people (myself included) kept hosting it. Plus there has been a spiritual shift in our church the last year and a half that has kind of killed the fellowship.

    One of the funniest incidents was about 4-5 years ago Derby weekend, my friend invited kids from our church to her house to cook out I guess. About 15 or so, boys and girls between age of like 13-18, uh huh…but there were other young adults there chaperoning. I stopped by after it got dark, and pulled up and the kids were everywhere in the neighborhood, playing hide n seek or go get it, who knows. Running all in the street, neighbors yards, acting crazy. The neighborhood was suburban so not a lot of neighborhood lighting. We adults sitting inside talking not really watching the kids, noticed a police car or 2 come thru the neighborhood, but it Derby always some tomfoolery somewhere. After midnight the kids started coming back towards the house getting drinks, a couple parents had already scooped theirs up, some of the kids had cars or rode together so they were just hanging in the yard.
    Then we heard a police helicopter, and it kept getting closer and louder so we’re like kids come back towards house cause some maniac might be on the loose.
    They were the maniacs. All the sudden the search light shines straight in her front bay window were us adults were chillin. Kids start running in from the front and back doors, diving, hollering ‘its the police!’ ‘ we going to jail’ The helicopter had to catch 6-7 niglets run into the same house, I knew we were going downtown that night. The light shone over the house for what seemed like forever, but I guess when they figured the kids were adequately scared and wrangled up, it went on.
    Party over!

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