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Winter Skin: The Basics January 13, 2010

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Today, we’ve got a guest post from a very beloved but mystery guest writer 🙂 Enjoy and I’m sure you can’t wait to get some SUNSHINE!

MOISTURIZER:  I have combination, acne prone skin and thought not using a moisturizer was the key, but my dermatologist informed me that no matter who you are, you need moisturizer.  I’ve tried many different kinds and so far, this has worked.  I’ve used it for over three months now….  Please remember, in those winter months, it’s VERY important to stay moisturized.
This is a great clear gel moistirizer, that’s water based, so it won’t clog your pores.  This product is sold in stores but it’s MUST MORE EXPENSIVE, so trust, you should order it from Amazon.
Vaseline: This is a tried and true method that our mothers and grandmothers have used for years.  I use Vaseline practically everywhere.  It’s good for the lips at night. When you wake up, they will be soft and smooth… and the bottoms of the feet.  I know you’ve seen women with the bottoms of their feet white and cracked and we must stop this epidemic!!!!! I once saw a tip from Halle Berry that I use.   You need vaseline, a pair of socks and some Saran Wrap.  Slather your clean feet with Vaseline and then wrap them in Saran Wrap, put on your socks and sleep over night.  It’s like a foot mask- when you wake up they will be soft.  (P.S.  Do this when you don’t have to do a lot of walking around the house, it’s not the most comfortable way to walk.)
MEN!!!!! This is for you too. Don’t be afraid of moisturizer.  I have seen too many ashy nuckles and too much white ASH around mouths.  Moisturizer add takes your sexy up by 100%.   It’s not femininine or “metro” to care about your looks, TRUST.
Use these:
Makeup:  When wearing makeup, I always opt for the more natural look- it’s seasonless (I really don’t have a big supply of make up and I don’t buy often) but one way to continuously change up your look is eye color.  And while searching online, I found this:;jsessionid=2NPGAZN10BECQCV0KRRQIGQ?id=P243869&categoryId=C7010
Christmas in January!!!! lol.  And it offers way more than eye make up… It’s only $48!  I have used Sephora brand make up and was satisfied with the results so you know I MUST get this.


8 Responses to “Winter Skin: The Basics”

  1. Cuzzo Says:

    yea Jac….that intro was real “mysterious” lol

    My skin is pretty good to me…so I can use just about anything. I bounce around depending on how much I want to spend. If I’m feeling cheep, I opt for something like Neutrogena Clear Skin, if my skin starts getting a little wiggy, my go to is always Aveeno – it’s like $10 but it’s my no-fail moisturizer. Right now I’m using Black Opal Resurfacing Moisturizer (with SPF….*note* no matter how dark your skin is we ALL should use SPF all year around*). I bought the black opal to support my black folks, ya know 😉 lol anywho, it has alphahydroxy and is supposed to help regenerate new skin cells or some crap like that. so far…two thumbs up.

    I think men should use a balm or something like carmex that won’t leave their lips shiny…idk, shiny lips just speak “howyoudoin” to me

  2. Sunny Says:

    @Cuzzo: EXACTLY.. plus this thing was written MONTHS ago. LMAO. Christmas is over.

    You are right about those shiny lips.

  3. lapreghiera Says:

    I prefer baby oil gel, topped with creamy baby oil for moisturizing my extremities. The oil gel absorbs in well especially on moist skin, and the creamy oil over top takes the slickness and greasiness away (though I do put socks on my feet after wards). Will check out the shisheido, but I’ve found aloe vera gel works and is cheap.

  4. thecomebackgirl Says:

    Was this a Sunshine post??? Vaseline is to black people what windex is to Greek folks. I use vaseline too to remove night eye makeup (you know the extra heavy stuff) that cant easily be removed with regular makeup remover, face soap and water.

  5. Sunny Says:

    @Comeback: It was. lol. YES!!! It so is… vaseline is my one stop shop. I use it for a quick shine on my shoes too. lol

  6. lisa Says:

    what is the best moisture without the grease on the market right now? thanks

  7. FlawedBeauty Says:

    Cetaphil or shea butter I’d say

  8. Sunny Says:

    I’ve had great experiences with so many lately… and with me having eczema, that says a lot for the product. Jergen’s Shea Butter, Any St. Ives lotion product, and the Johnson & Johnson adult products.. anything that says cream works!

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