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Ink’s Chaos Theory January 14, 2010

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I have agonized over this post since the first reports emerged from Haiti on Tuesday.

I am a fairly even-keeled gut, but certain things really grate me.

I Hate chaos.  Hate.Hate.Hate.Hate.  Chaos.

Even though I have a propensity to keep some clutter around me, it never descends into chaos.  You wanna see me get to cleaning?  Put me in some chaos.  I will cuss and clean and cuss. Everyone has quirks,  That is just mine.

In disaster scenarios, a certain amount of chaos is unavoidable.  I accept that.  But to inject EXTRA chaos into it?  I can’t.

Brothers and Sisters, please be mindful of the chaos you may unwittingly contribute to an already chaotic situation.

This whole thing where we start propagating rumors about American Airlines flying Doctors and nurses for free?  No.

Free Shipping from UPS? No.

Tsunamis? uh….I don’t know what to make of that.

There is a point where your rush to help, linked with the desires of unsavory characters and the Wild, Wild, Web can make for an incubator of chaos.

It eats away at the story and takes the focus away from the actual situation; redirecting it to the people who create the chaos.

Which, alas, is what this is really about.

Activism is not a spectator sport.  You want to help?  Help.

If you want to inform the masses then PLEASE wait until stuff is confirmed before you run out and start broadcasting stuff. There isn’t a race, folks.

That’s really all I have, folks.  It kind of astounds me that Haiti can undergo so many disasters and so much misfortune.  That said…Pat Robertson?  Uh….I really need you to hush.  Jesus CAN’T be pleased with you.


3 Responses to “Ink’s Chaos Theory”

  1. Sunny Says:

    I completely agree. I heard an exerpt of his interview and am completely shocked of the ignorance and insensitivity that came out of his mouth… but then again, can I really be shocked? Remember Hurricane Katrina, Ms. Bush found it necessary to say the hurricane was a benefit to those people (in so many words).

  2. Aurie Says:

    I agree that we must have a clear focus on the people of Haiti and the task at hand and nothing else. Enough of ulterior motives and other agendas. The bottom line is that people are dying and in desperate need of help. Let’s help people without looking for something in return. That’s the REAL Agape Love that God wants us to demonstrate.

  3. lapreghiera Says:

    Part of me is wondering was Pat Robertson their when the pact was made, but I know he is referencing the 50%+ population who actively practice voodoo/santeria/obiya in addition to claiming to being christian (catholic). I don’t believe he is adding more fuel to the chaos, compare his ratings and his audience to CNN. Had it not been for youtube, how many people would really have heard about this remark? He is entitled to his opinion and the crux of his show has always been to present the news from a conservative christian perspective. I’m sure he is taking time to pray for victims and mourn with those who mourn, but the news cameras aren’t shying away from the death and destruction visually, some people say its helping people see areas where kin lived, maybe they catch a glimpse of someone they can’t get in contact with on screen, alive or otherwise. But so then why should he have to temper his words in this scenario?

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