Single Sisters Speak Out

The Modern Life of the Single Sister

Substitute Teacher Time January 22, 2010

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I got a call and Here I am.

Do I have anything for you today?  Yes.  You don’t want it, though.

There was a time where I would literally pour my brain out on the page and Click Publish. 

No more. 

I cannot do that. 

My mission in life is to Leave every place in my life in more clarity than how I found it. 

If I cannot Concisely and effectively communicate what is on my mind, I will not attempt to communicate it. 

What would be the point? Waste a bunch of fine and pretty words and have you walk away with nada?  Not how I roll, Pimpin.

In 2010, My goal is to be clear.  Maybe not so concise, but DEFINITELY clear.

That’s my goal.  That is what the Business is for me.

It’s been three weeks, What is the Business for you in 2010, REALLY?


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