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Tree Theory and Why Guys Aren’t Ready To Get Married…..Yet January 27, 2010

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Hey ladies and gents! In the interest of continuing letting the gentlemen school us here’s a post from my fave Detroit blogger! Check it out! I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂

Uh-oh. There’s a trouble-a-brewing. By now, we’ve all seen those videos describing how women are tired of being single, how guys won’t marry them, or the thousands of other e-complaints that are tossed around. I hate to see people sad, and even more, hate to see people complaining, so I offer this explanation. We’re simply not ready. No seriously, it’s not cause we want to bang strange every other day (well, lol) or be big ass kids with goo-gobs of disposable income, or be able to act like raging dickheads without having to answer to anyone. Okay, it’s partially for those reasons. But after we find out that it ultimately leads to nowhere, there is still a better explanation. see…guys are like trees. Some trees grow really fast. Some trees you’d never think would sprout end up being awesome. Some come all prepared and perfect. Some must be groomed, nutured, nursed into towering giants. Some don’t want to have saplings…which is fine too. Some start off great, yet fizzle out, or catch Elm disease and rot. Some might never be ready. It happens. But In order to be able to adequately fend, lead, and provide for our wives, men need to be ready. For some, on the job training and wild luck is more than enough. For many others, failures will have to be experienced before tying up knots. Like trees, we must have strong branches to climb and build swings on. We must be shade, companion, and bear (ideas) fruit. Grounded, with deep roots, yet leaves that still reach to the sky. [that was kinda poetic, but I’m not patting my own back *pats my own back*] Trees must be sure how they want to grow, before intermingling their lives with marriage. WIth modern medicine, it’s possible that we could have android bodies and live forever. Who wants to be married forever to an android-human that was never sure how they wanted to grow anyway? I feel, as a husband, and a father, my job is to be responsible for the wealth, health, happiness, and general awesome of my family. (Not singlehandedly; wife must put in equal, different effort.) But I know that it ultimately lands on me to be the leader and source of strength. Might be my male pride talking; I won’t apologize for that. As much as I can understand the push for kids and family, and the tick of the clock biological, don’t confuse guys waiting for the right time as us not wanting to get married. We want you…we just want to make sure we’re ready. I’d like to end this off slick with some good advice. but nope! – why so awesomeness


5 Responses to “Tree Theory and Why Guys Aren’t Ready To Get Married…..Yet”

  1. Peyso Says:

    This post is on point. Does it address the numbers? Naw. But individually there isnt anything in the bounds of my relationships w/ women that I can do to fix the numbers game. However, I agree with this because it applies directly to relationships.

    Good sh*T!!!

  2. sunnydelyte21 Says:

    LOL. I enjoyed this post and your right most guys don’t see marriage as a thing for them. I love the tree comparison aslo! Great post!

  3. I would rather a man not take the plunge because he was unsure than marry me and then later say, “Sorry, but I wasn’t ready.”

  4. I agree with peyso, it doesn’t address the numbers (but I’m sure men haven’t had a group huddle and appointed a spokesperson either) so I don’t expect it to.

    Good post though. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  5. Sunny Says:

    Great write up, whyso….

    I don’t think anyone should get married until ready and until they’ve truly realized the commitment. You can easily dump your girlfriend but divorce is not cheap or easy.

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