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I Choose You: What Makes Love Work February 9, 2010

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I’m a firm believer in taking the advice of people who have what you want.

The best quote I’ve recently heard came from First Lady Michelle Obama. In her Christmas interview with Oprah she stated that you have to find someone you actually like. She gave the example of arguments with the President… She said, “I still like like him when we fight”. I had an “Aha!” moment because I always thought you had to love the person & like is irrelevant.

Mr. Obama stated that he liked his wife at all times & the fact that she had her own opinions and even as President he knows how to defer to her.

I took something from that. I’ve always said that I wanted someone I could fight with & still love the person. But I realized that I often don’t like them and that’s not good.
That’s my “Aha!” relationship advice that I’ve taken note of…what’s yours and who said it? I bet ol’ Ink’s got something for me…
I’m listening 🙂


3 Responses to “I Choose You: What Makes Love Work”

  1. Reecie Says:

    I think there will be times when you don’t “like” the person you are with and that’s okay…in certain instances. or maybe its you like them, but not the THINGS they do. Now if you wake up with a deep resentment that turns to indifference, then its time for the relationship to end. I think you can argue and still “respect” someone, and liking them while doing it I guess is a good thing–but its not always the honest reaction.

  2. FlawedBeauty Says:

    @Reecie Excellent response. I think you’re right. If you’re resenting the person that definitely not at all good. I think there’s too many instances of people feeling as though they HAVE to stay & that’s not true. Hell you can truly do bad all by yourself.

  3. liryc Says:

    I saw this special and took away the same thing. I think we’re so wrapped up in the love thing that we forget to like the person. Most times when we argue with that person the like goes out the window and we question the love.

    Mrs. Obama has it right, she has said some other key things that I can’t recall right now but she does make a valid point in liking the man you’re with!

    Something to think about and keep in mind in your next relationship.

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