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From Sit-Ins to Put Downs: Why Dining Matters February 18, 2010

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Whether you

*swing through the drive-through at McDonald’s for a Royale with Cheese,

*Hit the buffet at Random Quasi-Asian (middle of the strip mall next to the Beauty Supply and the impromptu H&R Block office)Super  Buffet

*Hit down for your fix of random pre-fabricated Applebee/Friday’s/Bennigan’s

*Take a stroll down memory land for what USED to be fine dining for common folk, Red Lobster or Olive Garden

*Or if you, like me, get your anti chain restaurant on with any number of singular dining experiences

*Or if you get your white tablecloth sommelier and chef’s table on

We all like to get our eat on and let someone else cook and clean.

In the 21st century, with more and more two income households, the notion of a traditional family dinner is virtually impossible.

With every advance in technology and alteration in personal priorities, dining out is becoming less and less of a luxury.

Add to that the simply jawdropping number of choices and you have a completely different industry from 20 years ago.

The explosion of the restaurant industry has opened up opportunities and challenges in the Black community.  With each passing year, it becomes apparent that while it is clear that the Black dining market is growing, the level of respect that it commands is not growing at the same pace.

Think for a moment about how much you spend every month on food that you don’t have to prepare and you will rapidly understand how much dining out matters.

When was the last time you got through an ENTIRE day eating food that was prepared by private individuals?


What happens in that business matters to you whether you work in that business or not.  It would help you immensely if you understood it better.


9 Responses to “From Sit-Ins to Put Downs: Why Dining Matters”

  1. I actually cook more now than I did a year ago. Before, me and the ex was always getting fast food from somewhere.
    I have a question, when dining out, do you tip if you get bad service? I don’t but some friends say you should still tip. But a tip is a bonus. If I don’t do well on my job, do you think my boss will give me a bonus? Hell no, so if I get bad service at a restaurant, the only tip I have for the waiter is to get some manners.

  2. random girl Says:

    The tipping thing for me is a must. Sometimes times Black ppl get bad service because jackasses like to stereotype Blacks as bad (or worse) none tippers. So I always leave a tip no matter how the service so the Black folks that will dine after me might have some descent service. But from time to time when the service is absolute sh&t I will not only leave without tipping , they get an informative note as to why they didn’t get a tip. (I know who has the time?)

    And side note tipping is not a bonus. That may very well be someone’s livelihood. I worked as a waitress for $3.15 (right to work state) all they way back in 2006. Trust tips are bread and butter and had to be reported and were taxed (just like your job). Some customers dining out could also learn to get some manners.

  3. random girl Says:

    I should really proofread before submitting. 🙂

  4. Sunny Says:

    “Sometimes times Black ppl get bad service because jackasses like to stereotype Blacks as bad (or worse) none tippers”

    THis is exactly why I tip, even if the service is bad…. I hate the way they stereotype us. Once I had bad service from the time the waiter got to my table, and I am convinced it was because he was waiting on two black women (that is the one time I did get up and leave before I even got my food)…

    The amount of the tip goes up and down depending on the service.

    I prefer to cook at home because I want my beau to eat something good and healthy (and me too). But between working and school, it really depends on my energy level. Even when we are eating out, I try to steer clear of the token bad restaurants- like McDonald’s.

  5. inkognegro Says:

    To ALL: I totally meant to snatch that Tip reference out of this piece. That is such a flash point (particularly for Black Folks) that it dominates the discussion. My intention was to address other topics and build up to the whole gratuity deal. Im going to stick to the plan and remain mum on Gratuity until I get to that part.

    Thank you all for your comments, though.

    Keep them coming.

  6. I actually am not big on dining. I can’t say I don’t do it every once in a while, but I am most often standing over my stove making a hot meal. When I am with my family, we may not eat around the dining room table but we always go to some part of the house and eat together. For me, I think it comes down to values. That was handed down to me. I also think I might be biased because I work in health care and get to see the product of unhealthy eating daily. I’m interested to see how the rest of this series develops….

  7. I go out atleast once a week, but it’s not because the lack of time to sit down and eat. I don’t cook, AT ALL (as in preparing food, but I’ll heat up frozen chicken dinners), but I know several ladies that have no problem cooking for themselves, and me. It’s a tad bit harder for me to find single women without children to do it, but the ones that do, do it consistently and favorably. They all work and go to school full time as well, but they still make time to cook. I just couldn’t imagine dealing with a woman who doesn’t cook.

  8. lapreghiera Says:

    I love to cook and own a great collection of shiny cookware and appliances I’ve been collecting over the years. But I don’t have the facilities or opportunity to get down like I really want to. I eat out way too much, at least once a day a meal comes from somewhere other than my kitchen. But I am getting back in there, soon!

  9. Smiley Face Says:

    Going out to eat is a treat. Mr Mister and I go out for breakfast on Saturdays for our day out or sometimes just to take a break. I don’t like much fast food/non home cooked meals, wasn’t raised on it and like now it was considered a “treat.” I cook and take left overs to work most daily or I’ll buy my salad fixings and make my salad at work. I mainly eat fish so trying to find places that prepare it properly……let’s just say I’m just way too skeptical about the way food is prepared, lol

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