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Unnecessary Laziness February 26, 2010

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Hi My name is U-Unadulterated and I’m a chronic procrastinator. Its truly a damn shame how I procrastinate on the most simplest of tasks and even on major personal goals. Mind you, I got my act together when it comes to working my full-time job. Its just the mounting responsibilities I have after 5:30 pm that I sometimes avoid or delay my attention to that has marked me with the scarlet letter “P.”Like alcoholism, procrastination is a disease and I need a 12-step program, stat! I blame my occasional “forgetfulness” on being too “busy,” but we all know that being busy is no excuse for inaction. I have come to accept and acknowledge my weaknesses and that I am a work in progress. We all know about the seven deadly sins: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. We all have capital vices, and one that I battle often with is sloth. God has blessed me (and all of us) with so many talents to reach, effect, and change people and circumstances around us. We all have been called to a greater purpose than our present. The one thing that is holding me from reaching my full potential is me. I have a vision for my life, career, and love- yet I do things that self-sabotages the outcome I desire. For example, I am a member of several professional and social organizations, I serve on committees and am expected to volunteer and genuinely want to actively participate in every activity, yet again I find myself somehow losing the time and not being a promise keeper. Our word is our bond. If we can’t keep true our words, than what do we stand on as our foundation? It is an everyday struggle for me to be consistent on matters of my personal life. Yes, I pay my bills on time, but I missed bible study on Tuesday night, even after inviting a friend, who went as a surprise hoping to see me there, and I haven’t brushed my Persian cat in weeks.Inconsistency, slothfulness, laziness, or any other term you choose to describe apathy defiles the person that carries this trait. Our reputations are precious and fragile. It can be easily shattered and broken with an innumerable cost to repair. I don’t want to be known as someone who could have been…. if only she…Today I’m making a declaration to break this curse of apathy. I care to much to continually sit and not fulfill what has been predestined. Can anyone else relate to this internal dissonance? Are you like me, excelling professionally yet failing in areas of your personal life? How are you coming out cause I need a breakthrough! Help a sista out and keep me in prayer!

What are some of your vices?I’ll be back with a post, next Friday on time. I promise… #dontjudgeme


5 Responses to “Unnecessary Laziness”

  1. Sunny Says:

    I’m a procrastinator also but I get things done when they need to be! So they best thing to do is to give me a deadline.

    Perhaps you should try writing things down- that would make you feel more accountable and thus make you get them done!

    I don’t think I’m specificalling failing at any parts of my life- I try to live for the moment and TODAY.. How is everything going TODAY? Tomorrow is in the womb of time and yesterday is in the tomb of time (from my old Sunday school teacher).

  2. lapreghiera Says:

    definitely a procrastinator, in fact, sitting here now my clothes aren’t getting to the laundry, shoes to the cobbler, grocery isn’t purchased and other sundry chores that probably would’ve been done by now had I gotten up and went to the gym this morning. So let me get off here and accomplish something today!!!
    “Inconsistency, slothfulness, laziness…” Yes I have been feeling very lethargic of late, I am good at saying no when I no I am absolutely not/can’t do something, but if I commit, please allow for a 15-30 minute tardiness.
    The computer is part of the problem, my lack of organization – personally not professionally, but then sometimes it creeps in there to my own detriment and probably a missed opportunity or 2.
    But then other times, I am rolling, clicking and keeping others up to pace and on task. Maybe it depends on the scenario and who I am dealing with, when really I should have no respect of persons…hmmm…I think that was a word – let me marinate on that….while getting ready to go…

  3. Thanks for admitting along with me that you are a procrastinator too. After writing this post in the wee hours on Thursday night (due Friday), I was determined to get up in 4.5 hours at 6 am to get an early start of the day. My first day of an apathy free life. I started good, I actually heard the alarm, grumbly moved to the shower, and felt energized. I cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed the living room, and made my bed up before we (Whiskey the cat & I) had breakfast. Off to the Metro I went and was seated at my cubicle at 9:00 on the dot. I know these are things most folks do everyday, but for me, this is an accomplishment, lol.

    Like you Sunny, I’m a proponent for checklists. I make plenty of lists, it just the checking off part I have trouble on. The strange thing about it is that it really is only in my personal life where I seem to drag my feet. My co-worker shared that its because I don’t have anyone to answer to at home, but me. No boss, mom, husband, or kids constantly at me to deliver. That made me say hmmmm… It is quite true.

    Lapreghiera we are kindred spirits cause I’m definetly the same when it comes to chores and my friends already know “I’m late, but I’m worth the wait!”

    Day two of my apathy free life is on schedule. I’m taking 2 graduate classes on Saturdays. So I’m in class from 9-3pm. After class, I went to Panera to eat, read, and review. I’m now on to the rest of list. I’m taking this journey one day at a time and will rejoice after every small victory.

  4. ms.sassy Says:

    So glad
    to know I am not alone.I am working
    on myself in all areas.I am doing short goals.Like today
    today I finally cleaned my room.Threw away a few things
    put other things in bags to take out for trash.Went
    shopping.I am holding myself accountable.And rewaring myself on a really tight budget.But I have 5 points and a gold star.When I get to 30points I get something I not only need but also want.Okay maybe just a want.LOL

  5. andisiwe mazibuko Says:

    Hi there,

    I am also a procrastinator of note, I cannot seem to take pride in anything that I do except following crushes or worrying about which guy likes me or not. This is an absolute waste of my time but yes that is what I seem to do these days. I hope that you are doing well in avoiding being lazy.

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