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Natural Disasters and the Snow of it All. March 2, 2010

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So, unless you’ve been under some kind of rock, you must have noticed that it’s been snowing and cold in a lot of places in the US where it’s pretty much unnatural. Aside from that, there have been 3 notable natural disaters that occured around the world in the past few months. Haiti was hit with earthquakes that pretty much tore much of one of their major cities apart beyond repair…they can only build from scratch. More recently, there was a mudslide in Portugal which reportedly killed 42 people. *aside as I googled “mudslide” because I wouldn’t remember where this occured, there was more news about mudslides both in Peru and also in Haiti.* And, the latest one, an earthquake in Chile which even affected these United States because Hawaii was on a tsunami watch as an after effect.

Not to forget our own Hurricane Katrina, and the tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands in Asia. It seems these natural disasters and funny weather have been plaguing the world much more frequently and more drastically as well. Remember when hurricanes only happened in Florida? And, earthquakes and mudslides in California? And there was one great blizzard every 10 years or so?

What do you make of this? The end of days? Or just the inevitable since we’ve been fukcing the Earth up for a hot minute now?


5 Responses to “Natural Disasters and the Snow of it All.”

  1. Sunny Says:

    I think it’s the signal for the end of days, although no one knows the exact time or hour that it will occur.

  2. Peyso Says:

    I think its neither. I think that natural disasters have been occurring at a pretty constant clip but as we change the world we live in we become more subsceptible to the affects of said natural disasters. Earthquakes of the magnitude that hit Haiti and Chile used to occur all of the time but there weren’t tall building that could crumble in yesteryear. Tsunami’s were a regular occurence but people were much more attune to nature and could easily read the warning signs.

    The ice age, the largest climate shift in the earth’s history, was not due to human interference. The earth was able to survive that huge ecological shift. I think much of our evidence, both scientific, emprical and religious, is extremely shortsighted when considering the history of the earth. But hey any of us could be wrong.

  3. cuzzo Says:

    Peyso…re:ice age

    yes, the earth is still in tact but the people and the animals of that time…all gone. So, u think that could happen again?

  4. I think Peyso has a point. Lots of people have called for the end of days. I remember talking to a friends great grandmother before the Y2K and her telling us about the end of days was coming in HER time. Maybe that goes along with us not knowing the hour…

  5. enyfilms Says:

    Chile and Cali (really the entire Western North American continent) with Japan all sit on whats called the Ring of Fire not get too scientific but basically wherever you have mountain systems you have earthquakes (plate tectonics and that whole Pangea thing from school), oh btw Chile had a devastating quake in the 60’s it was 9.5…let that sink in and one in the 1920’s around an 8

    the snow…well its el nino or la nina? well anyway the jet stream is dipping real low for what ever reason and is dragging western storms (which are warm and full moisture from the pacific ocean) all the way across the continent-its these storms hit the east and south and it snows but the air up north is much colder and the storms dip out hovering over the ocean and sit there for a day or two so 6 inches becomes 20-funny last yr there were news reports on ski resorts losing money on the season due to a lack of snow, so in a way things even out-even with the earthquakes-which are pent up energy like holding the head of a hose or faucet while water is running eventually the pressure snaps-its all part of nature

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