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Step OFF the White Girls March 3, 2010

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Shouts out to Sunny for dropping in to drop off a nice post for us!

 Since I’m a civilian (my term for Greek non-affiliation), I don’t take a huge interest in step shows, so perhaps some of my feelings on this topic are ignorant because I don’t see the things one has to go through to become affiliated, or know the history behind being Greek. I’ve heard about the white sorority, Zeta Tau Alphas of Arkansas University who won the Coca-Cola Step Competition, but it wasn’t until I saw the video on VSB (, that I took interest.  Watching it gave me goose bumps. These girls are good- they are great. And from looking at the audience’s reaction, they agree. So why is it that the in’nanets are going wild with claims that the competition is rigged or “they jacked our style”? What I don’t understand is- why do we (black folk) feel like we own certain things and no one else can get in on them? Isn’t imitation the best form of flattery? And who put the stamp on black folks that because we invented it, no one else can do it?  I don’t see any other racial group having heated discussions about things we “stole” from them.  It reminds me of a woman who tries to maim that other woman in the club “that has on her dress.”   Ummm, it wasn’t just made for you and you only.  Strong competition can only make you push harder to be better, folks.  What say you? 


5 Responses to “Step OFF the White Girls”

  1. Peyso Says:

    These girls werent that good. They lacked precision and used a matrix theme in 2010. I do applaud them stepping on the table though. I think everyone was hyped to see a white sorority hold their own in the competition but i dont think anyone there thought that they should have won. I also feel that if they had judges who were greek affiliated and not random mofos from Sprite, they wouldnt have won. They would have seen that the AKA had a real tight show.

    However, I do think that since they were awarded 1st place initially, they should have kept it. Switching up the awardees is wack. We’ve all been to shows where the team we thought should have won didnt.

  2. Sunny Says:

    @Pey: I can respect that….. I thought it was weird how they backtracked on that award… kinda like they weren’t feeling the backlash and made up a reason to go back on their decision.

  3. @sunny, I think that IS the reason they went back on the award. I’ve seen many articles about this. I’m still reserving comment until I’ve seen the whole show and I say that as a Greek.

    In response to the questions from the post, I can say that stepping did have specific cultural significance once upon a time…
    but I’ll also say I don’t think stepping is ANYTHING like it used to be.

  4. lapreghiera Says:

    They were good-Matrix was too 2000- but I think what caught the audience even more was that they had all the attitude and confidence that our BGLOs do when they step, these girls where not timid in pop lock and dropping it. The south is rising again, though not the way confederates expected, I mean a predom white gospel choir won the How Sweet The Sound contest in ATL, I mean it , Arkansas girls steppin like sistas – Custer is probably spinning in his grave.

  5. Sunny Says:

    @booboonotthefool: Thanks so much for commenting.

    “In response to the questions from the post, I can say that stepping did have specific cultural significance once upon a time”

    I learn something new everyday!

    @lapreghiera: That’s what I liked too- their attitude and movement. Girl this choir is KILLING this song.. LOVES it!

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