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Ink Stained Mondays – Knowing a Tree By its Roots March 8, 2010

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While a considerable portion of who I am is directly attributable to my father, I am my mother’s child.

I am the Direct result of my mother and her choices.

She didn’t spit me out, I don’t look a whole lot like her, I don’t even act a whole lot like her.

But my temperament, my way of handling stress, my parenting style, my moral code, all came from her.

And I am pretty cool with that.

I haven’t always Put into practice the life, lessons she has taught me, but She never hesitates to tell me that she is happy with her handywork.

That I didn’t take the path she tried to lay out, but That I am probably the better for it.

The best lesson my mother ever taught me?

That She isn’t the only woman I need to respect off top.

My mother isn’t the card carrying feminist type, but she takes the humanity of women SERIOUSLY.

THAT lesson she passed to my brother and I and it took.

Not a whole lot of Gloria Steinem, Not a whole lot of bell hooks (I got that on my own), Just some Common sense that you should learn from Spending your childhood watching a woman demand equality and respect for her and all the women around her.

Those kinds of lessons are learned best from your mother starting from the crib.

Thanks, Mom, I love you.


2 Responses to “Ink Stained Mondays – Knowing a Tree By its Roots”

  1. dorcas Says:

    I fee lyou on the bell hooks thang. And demanding respect too.

  2. sunnydelyte21 Says:

    I know that’s right!!!

    Great post!!

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