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Spring Up Your Style March 15, 2010

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Resident blogger, Nicki Sunshine,  has opted for new shades of eyeshadow (see pic) for some pop in her life and FOSSSO (Friend of SSSO) Tea has gone on a virtual shooping spree, treating herself to shoes and dresses lately.

What do you do to pep up your style?

I usually opt for a handbag. And with the latest weather change, I’m in the market for a new jacket. I love a fabulous jacket or blazer to accessorize any outfit.

MAXX NEW YORK Reversed Sequin Round Bag with Chain Strap

Color is the reason for the season and these lightweight beauties are perfect for spring. No more heavy totes…lighten up without breaking the bank though, please 🙂

The jackets of the season have larger collars and ruffles:

MICHAEL Michael Kors Double Breasted All Weather Jacket Tahari 'Eve' Asymmetrical Ruffle Trench Coat Miss Sixty Distressed Faux Leather Jacket Tahari 'Ricky' Sateen Coat


12 Responses to “Spring Up Your Style”

  1. lapreghiera Says:

    Lightening my hair color is the main thing for spring and over the course of the summer it will continue to lighten – as healthily as possible. I’ve already spent the first quarter perfecting the make up, though summer might call for an adjustment in shade if my skin bronzes up, but I am good there.

  2. Peyso Says:

    I’m thinking about going bald for the summer. What do you folk think?

    Other than that, I just buy fresh white v-necks, some new hats and some new loafers and I’m ready for the change in seasons.

  3. Smiley Face Says:

    I’m all about glowing luscious skin…that is the perfect accessory for me, and don’t forget the sandals. My hair comes out from winters wrap and the fro is allowed to flow.

    @Peyso…go for it

  4. Sunny Says:

    Thanks for the shout out doll. I’ve been playing with those colors too. it’s great!!!!

    Peyso, I think you should try it, if you’ve never done before. . the good thing about hair is, it grows back, if you don’t like it!!!!

  5. Peyso Says:

    The problem is that the hair is starting to go, so if i cut it, it might not come back.

  6. Reecie Says:

    I introduce my brighter nail polishes for pretty pedicures. I haven’t lightened my hair in awhile but I used to do that often–highlights, all over color and maybe a short cut.

    I am also an handbag woman, but that’s a year round habit. LOL

  7. Smiley Face Says:

    Peyso, then you’ll have to cut it anyway. Why not cut it before you HAVE to cut it?

  8. Jac Says:

    Great post! (Almost said purses lol)

    I agree w/ a couple! Lush skin is so a must & gorgeous colors.

    I just read in Essence that this season is all about pale eyeshadow and curly hair. I am too ready!

  9. Sunny Says:

    “The problem is that the hair is starting to go, so if i cut it, it might not come back”

    Goooot you. I agree with Smiley Face on that one…why not go for it????? 😉

  10. Shelia G Says:

    I just purchased some new M.A.C. make-up to spice up my spring look. I have this pretty orange leather purse that brightens up any outfit.

  11. Tiffany Says:

    I love those jackets and that world od Eyeshadow is freaking awesome.


  12. Victoria Says:

    Hey Miss lady!
    When I need to change things up, I work on the inside by 1) memorizing a scripture that encourages me and and work on the outside by 2) rocking a new color that I have stopped wearing. I jumped when I saw *all*those*loveley*eye shadow*colors*. Where did you find all those lovely little ladies!

    Thanks for sharing . V

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