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Ink-Stained Mondays : A Micro Rant March 29, 2010

Filed under: Single Sisters On... — inkognegro @ 8:51 am

I spent last night in the Emergency Room of a children’s hospital, so I don’t make any pretense on giving a fuck about this particular post.  But Dammit, There has to be at least ONE of you lurking out there wondering,

“what is Inkognegro’s crazy ass going to say this week?”

Well, for that ONE of you, and whomever it is…Show your face so I can at least know that I am not hallucinating.

Well, here goes.

I am sick to death of the Internet.

I am sick of the Immediate gavel Banging and judgement by people whose sole stature for doing so is a cell phone or internet access.

You don’t like shit, fine.  Say you dont like it all day long.

But all this Endless Punditry by people who are barely equipped to talk about THEMSELVES, much less topics of import.

Cut that shit out.

What’s Killing you?


One Response to “Ink-Stained Mondays : A Micro Rant”

  1. Smiley Face Says:

    *peeking around the corner*

    Hope everything’s okay

    Is it safe to come out now…?

    Folks with countless opinions and no gotdayum experience on what they are giving their opinion on…shut the hell up, ain’t nobody ask you…wooosaaaahh.

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