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The Great Marriage Debate May 24, 2010

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As I listen to the news, read blogs and Twitter and just generally walk through the streets I am encountering more and more young women who are divorced.  It is somewhat troublesome to me that there are statistics out there which clearly state that Black women are less likely to be married, etc. First off, I want to be sure that it is understood there is nothing wrong with Black women wanting to be healthy, wealthy and wise on their on accord & I think a man should be able to share in this, but I am curious why Black women can’t have it all?

I am young, successful and black.  I have a very caring SO who is also young, successful and black.  I don’t think either one of us would have it any other way, but I also realize there’s a very sacred and strong understanding that each of us must play a certain role in order to make things work.  These roles are not defined by societal norms. but by what we as a couple have deemed the necessary parameters for each of us to dwell in so that our relationship is mutually beneficial to us in a variety of different ways.

What I am curious about then is why can’t married couples come up with the same degree of communication?  Is there no way to have a middle ground?  Is it possible that some of these issues are stemming from a lack of communication or self-worth and esteem or is it that we are all so selfish that we can’t see the forest for the trees?

Just a couple of muddled thoughts from a former blogger….