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How Far is Too Far?: Simping Male Edition August 16, 2010

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<b>ADMIN Note: I realize none of us have written a thing in forever and honestly you might not be paying attention but I swear I’m gonna start writing again</b>

No, but really.

This past Saturday two of my favorite Twitter men, @jamarhudson & @DatDudeEasy, were tweeting with the hashtag #simpinsaturdays.  I just knew that two young educated (and too cool forwords brothers like them could not possibly condone simping.  I had to ask (and I won’t reveal the answer).

Anyways, yesterday I watched Our Family Wedding and saw the following scene:

In this one 16 second clip they have just explained to Lance Gross how emasculated he’ll be once he ties the knot.  I ran right back to Twitter and immediately asked if men would go for this… The answer I got was a resounding no.

Now… I’ve preached catering to your mate on this blog many a day, what I’m curious about is how far is too far?  At what point is a man or woman giving their mate too much?  I’m all ears!