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How Far is Too Far?: Simping Male Edition August 16, 2010

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<b>ADMIN Note: I realize none of us have written a thing in forever and honestly you might not be paying attention but I swear I’m gonna start writing again</b>

No, but really.

This past Saturday two of my favorite Twitter men, @jamarhudson & @DatDudeEasy, were tweeting with the hashtag #simpinsaturdays.  I just knew that two young educated (and too cool forwords brothers like them could not possibly condone simping.  I had to ask (and I won’t reveal the answer).

Anyways, yesterday I watched Our Family Wedding and saw the following scene:

In this one 16 second clip they have just explained to Lance Gross how emasculated he’ll be once he ties the knot.  I ran right back to Twitter and immediately asked if men would go for this… The answer I got was a resounding no.

Now… I’ve preached catering to your mate on this blog many a day, what I’m curious about is how far is too far?  At what point is a man or woman giving their mate too much?  I’m all ears!


8 Responses to “How Far is Too Far?: Simping Male Edition”

  1. lapreghiera Says:

    Long time no post
    To me, nothing is too much in marriage, that is what it is about cleaving to each other, not having to do it all alone, cause the other is there to pick up the slack/help you get it done. I like the Chante Moore song, Easy (, she says its never too much, running your bath, rubbing your back, loving you is easy, loving you is what I like to do…
    The twist is doing it from the heart, with both hands open, not looking for direct reciprocity all the time, BUT finding that match that appreciates that and is giving from the same vein and not letting knuckle head misogynists or bitter girlfriends affect what goes on in your home. #1 problem!!
    Relationships today are not balanced, good girl goes for the bad guy and vice versa, then trying to figure out why they are not happy, why she can’t do, why he won’t do…. Now you are too busy trying to keep a balance to avoid being misused, unappreciated, taken for granted, to enjoy the relationship.

  2. Aurie Says:

    If your love is truly unconditional, there are no limits. I am not naive enough to lack the understanding that we are all human and we have not just the need to please, but the need for being wanted in some way shape or form….especially by those we entrust our vulnerabilities to. However, if you can get past your own insecurities and get out of your own way, the kind of love that you give would be the best thing ever for your mate.

  3. Danni Says:

    I think Simping is a term that bitter, burnt, single folk came up with the disparage the pure acts of love between two happy people. You go can go to far if you’re the only one and you’re being taken for a dummy. But if your mate truly loves you and is honest and true, WHY NOT give them all that they deserve?

  4. Sunny Says:

    I tend to agree with what everyone has said… I don’t think there is no limit, unless there is no reciprocity.

  5. JohnTHESkywalker Says:

    All of the above make strong and valid points. Know the difference between the two.

    Whether married or not, loving is what I do. WHEN I say I love you, it’s after the fact that I’ve already proved it, and I’m going to reprove it again and again until it becomes law that John the Skywalker is a lover, not the conditional type that does it in a Capitalist way (because you don’t have to be American to be loving) but because it’s who I am. I’ll pay her rent. I’ll cook and clean. I blow your back back out and massage it too. I write an endless list for poems for you. But understand that you’re not the only woman in the universe…..and if I feel unappreciated, trust that I will show you another degree of love that hurts you as much as it hurts me…..when I let love go like a breath of 3-min old air.

    And I feel for the man who doesn’t cater to his woman often (not frequent because ladies can get complacent too)……just because ya’ll have a contractual agreement doesn’t mean that all obligations can be nulled and void. Submitting to your chica just reafffirms your respect for her – as the good gent up top said….unconditional love has no limits.

  6. FlawedBeauty Says:

    Wow & wow.

    GREAT comment!

  7. While I definitely do not support Skywalkers thoughts by my actions, I have to agree with his statement, if you are truly in love with that person. I’m not paying a woman’s rent, nor am I cooking or cleaning, but I have no problem or negative comments for a man who does that for the woman he cherishes, as long as she has the same devotion to him.

    What I see all to often are men like Skywalker, in the general sense, who cater to women, who still sleep with men…like myself, who don’t do a darn thing for most of them. That’s when you’re a simp.

  8. Marquis Says:

    “Simping” is less about ‘how much’ and more about context.

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