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Who We Are October 9, 2008

Jaclynn (Pookie Mae and Tootie Lynn) <–cause that’s what my Mama calls me 🙂

I am incredibly smart. I am incredibly stupid. Without fail I will contradict myself. The daughter of a college educated former social worker and a former Marine who don’t always make the right decisions. I’m imperfect just like those I sprang from. I am the granddaughter of a coal miner and just like him I can be quiet and introspective. Yep I’m the coal miner’s granddaughter and like his wife, I can rule with a shade of cool so blue it will chill you to your spine but like her, I am compassionate, spunky and spontaneous. I am the granddaughter of a sensitive but strong stay at home Mom of three and a conscientious laborer.

I am black, that’s what I write but I know I am composed of more than that.

I am a daughter, niece, cousin, friend and most of all a child of God.

My complexities, like my mistakes are innumerable.

In the words of my own father, I am a “fortunate fool”.


These are just my interpretations of the situation.




Anissa aka Cuzzo

I cannot describe myself fully because I am different things to different people. A mother to a one year old boy. On earth 25 years. My parents are of Caribbean descent. My mother’s only child but one of eight children from my dad. New York native but currently residing in Philly. I love to laugh. I say whatever is on my mind. So far my soundtrack is a little Jill Scott, The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3

Whatever it is

Let it be 😉

Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely Fabulous

Peyso (or anything that rhymes w/ Peyso)

footballResident Male Advisor

I always have an issue describing myself. I think I represent the double consciousness that DuBois wrote about. I am an elitist yet I’m down to earth and a bit ghetto. I am eloquent yet I really do enjoy cursing. I am consistently inconsistent. I am the most emotional rational person you will ever meet. I am probably who your parents will love.

More to come soon!

Holly GoLightly aka Rockstar Holly


True Taurean who loves all the finer things in life! Hopeless romantic who is very loyal, opinionated, optimistic, and tenacious!


21 Responses to “Who We Are”

  1. thecomebackgirl Says:

    i wanna see yalls purty faces…they should go here.

  2. ” And finally, I will try to s**t Sunshine (workscite: Comeback) on every situation I come across”

    oh lord you aint gonna shyt sun shine is you??? Pretty Pic…nice headboard too..see how i be all up in people’s houses? lol

  3. nickisunshine Says:

    LOL! Thanks Comeback… that was a couple of months ago.. I’m trying to grow the hair back to that length.. I went crazy and Nia Long’d it off a few weeks ago.

    Shyt Sunshine. I’m so sincere! LMAO

  4. jac427 Says:


  5. QB Says:

    Cuzzo i would kill for those curls.

  6. cuzzo Says:


    you don’t have to girl – they come in a package.

  7. thecomebackgirl Says:

    oh la la…hot like FIRE…dam!n

    what the he!! is Jac waitin on an air horn.

  8. cuzzo Says:


    lol, u crazy. i dunno what she’s waiting on…i’m steal her fit club pic and put it up here is she don’t stop playin’.

  9. jac427 Says:

    There damned.

  10. Junior Says:

    Hmm…y’all kinda cute…surprised. 🙂

  11. cuzzo Says:

    um, thanks? i think…

    how can one be surprised? our pics show up whenever we comment also. d’uh.

  12. Junior Says:

    I know, but those are small, this just confirmed, that is all!

  13. annella Says:

    I am a woman who believes that this world can present amazing gifts. I believe in miracles and maybe the biggest miracle in my life can be the meeting with a special person who will become a part of me. I am an open-minded person and communication with people is my famous interest. In this life I value every single moment. Good moments, and even bad ones, as they give more soul power and wisdom. Perhaps there is a person is this world who can share my ideas with me. I am looking forward to meeting this person.

  14. Cynthia Says:

    Nicki your hair is so pretty!!!

  15. Thanks Cynthia!

  16. Sharon Says:

    Hi guys! I absolutely love your blog! And you all look so bright and happy! But you really need to let us know more about you (Jaclynn you did fine).

    Thank you so much for adding a link to my blog; I am overwhelmed.

  17. Thanks for your input Sharon.. I will definitely work on sprucing mine up. 😉

  18. I want Anissa with a passion!!!! lol. those NY ladies just have something about them.

  19. Aurie Says:

    Hey y’all Hey y’all! (in my Musiq Soulchild voice) – I appreciate the blogroll love that I’ve received over the past year just about. I just wanted to update you to let you know that my domain name has changed to

    Keep on tackling the tough questions and having great banter about all the topics the single sisters care about. I always enjoy coming here and will continue to do so.

  20. ISIS Says:

    Hi Sisters!
    I am Nkoli, residing in Nigeria. I am trying to start a black women only magazine and I was looking for some great articles when I came across your: HOW TO LOVE A BLACK MAN. To say the least, it is fascinating.
    Please I will like to have a permission from you to reprint it on my magazine and of course the credit with be yours and all protocols must be followed.
    We are of little or no budget yet, but we are determined.
    We will love to send you a copy of the magazine as soon as it comes out if you may send us a mailing address.
    Please, we hope you may give us permissions to publish some other of your articles (of course we must let you know before we do anything).
    Keep up the good work.
    ISIS Magazine

  21. C. Rivera Says:

    How would I be able to contact the writer of the Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man post? Could she please contact me.

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