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Fall Fashion! October 28, 2008

Fall 2009 Fashion

1. Hot Pink

This definitely works to punch up some of the dreary weather that accompanies fall!  Plus it will show off those boots or lovely legs!

2. One shoulder dresses

Blame it on Jason Wu and Mrs. O’s lovely inaugural gown, but we’re steal raving on the one shoulder dress…show off those sexy shoulders (and remember to keep ’em smooth for that late night kiss 😉 )

3. Chain Covered Booties

They are really still in style and get a lot flashier…so pair ’em up with that pink coat and watch the combos pop!

4. The edgy LBD

A Smattering of Dark Sex...

A Smattering of Dark Sex...

Perfect for those elegant dates, but you wanna stay subdued and still pop out (literally!)

5. Peplum Jackets

Perfect for Work

Perfect for Work


18 Responses to “Fall Fashion!”

  1. jac427 Says:


  2. thecomebackgirl Says:

    i heart these booties…yes i do.

  3. nickisunshine Says:

    I just bought my first pair of black booties… I had a choice of two.. My friends say I have to many black shoes in my closet, so I couldn’t get them both. ANYWHO, one of them was a peep toe. I didn’t choose those. 😦

  4. Cuzzo Says:

    thank u!

    I ordered a pair of peep toes from target cuz they were cheap – not really wanting to invest a whole bunch of money on a fad, ya know. even though some styles are kinda hot.

    Buuuuuuutttt, I don’t like the cheapy ones I got from target 😦 so, I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and get the more expensive pair *looks for Mikki*

  5. nickisunshine Says:

    @Cuzzo: “Buuuuuuutttt, I don’t like the cheapy ones I got from target so, I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and get the more expensive pair *looks for Mikki*”

    I can understand that..Target is one of my fav stores but sometimes the stuff can look fake… I got my booties from TJ Maxx.. do you all have one of those?

  6. nickisunshine Says:

    and they are a brand. LOL. Either Kenneth Cole or Anne Klein and I didn’t get price raped.

  7. Cuzzo Says:

    yea…somewhere out here in philly, I’m sure there’s one. I know it’s def in NY.

  8. nickisunshine Says:

    That and Marshalls… great discount store. (and not irregulars. LOL)

  9. Cuzzo Says:

    stop! i’m getting the itch to shop again. ever since ya’ll put up that pic of them pzi jeans (bought 2 pairs) – it’s been non-stop. I think i’ve got it under control (for now).

  10. nickisunshine Says:

    HAAA! Yeah, please stop. Those PZI jeans were gorgeous though…

  11. cuzzo Says:

    i just realized…nicki..ure tall, slim, light-skinneded (j/k) and have this short hair cut – u can totally pull off the look rihanna is wearing.

  12. 80's Baby Says:

    Hey ladies… I know I’m late… But I got a pair of these type of shoes….. Mine’s are Steven by Steven Madden and they were only 50 bucks from Marshall’s… I got them back in July and I love them….

  13. Thanks Cuzzo.. sad, I’m just now seeing this. Rihanna’s style rocks!

    I need everything on the spring fashions.. EVERYTHING!

  14. Jaci Says:

    I did the Spring Fashions lol…Cuzzo did the rest. I wanna cover some products and things too and in the spirit of cleaning I’ll be archiving the others.

  15. ladebelle Says:

    mmm… my fave spring scent is vera wang’s princess… just lovlie!

  16. Nicki] Says:

    I’m loving the pink coat and of course, the BLACK dress.

  17. Jaci Says:


    Yes ma’am that pink coat is the business..and I love the black dress too!

  18. Writer_Indu Says:

    I LOVE Peplum! I also love burgundy pants or bottoms in colors than black or neutral. At first when booties came out, I admit that I didn’t get it but now love them. They are perfect in colder weather and I love pairing booties with tights under skirts.

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