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Human Nature…why is it done this way? July 24, 2009

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It’s been a long week. It’s still going in fact and I know this because I’m out..had a drink or two and I’m sitting here trying to write this blog.

Anyways, I’m never totally sure about what I wanna write about til the exact moment I sit down and write, but this week I’ve had a lot of random and not so random thoughts so anyways I’ve got my next like month of post already lined up..but I wasn’t expecting today. But never fear because I’ve got FIVE questions I’m wondering about. Here goes nothing!

1. Sunday night I e-mailed Nick about spirituality and dating. The next day we featured a dual post from SBM and from Nick…and a commenter asked how Christians could be on here talking about se!x, relationships and etc..the way we do. So I’m wondering what place does it have? Are we looking for someone with common beliefs? Is it up for debate? Are these questions we ask early in dating? If the person is a good person does religion matter?

2. Tuesday I wrote about the different men (and women) we all need to have on our rosters. I didn’t add the one that you have undeniable chemistry with to the list. So ladies and gents…they say when you’ve got it you’ve got it…but what do you do when there are challenges there? Step out on faith or let the chemistry work itself out?

I want to step out on faith

3. Wednesday was about child support and since I don’t have kids I’m just wondering how many everyone wants? I’d like 3.

4. Everyone should do at least one good deed a day. Think it’s feasible?

5. Have a wonderful weekend! I love ya’ have no idea how much you all brighten my days…



In case you missed it I thought John Mayer did great especially not knowing MJ and because he couldn’t sing