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Don’t Put A Ring On It-Guest Post August 31, 2009

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Today we’ll be enjoying a guest post from the love DCDatingDiva…Enjoy!

So recently, I was out and about in D.C., enjoying the nightlife and my yummy concoction of vodka mixed with Nuvo (hey it was on special for $5.00, sue me), so anyways, this guy starts up a conversation with me. After awhile, <strike>I’m bored with him</strike> ready to stop talking and just chill. He is not taking the hint, as I say I’m waiting on my “friends”. He scoots his stool a little bit closer. I lean away a little bit, but the music is now blaring and Mr. Not Getting The Point is still trying to converse. Normally, I would make up some lame excuse and walk away, but two things kept my butt planted right there on that barstool 1) I did not feel like standing and 2) my friends were sitting outside, trying to “see and be seen” and that is not my MO.

My friend sends me a text to see where I’m at. I respond quickly and tell her to come to the bar. Mr. Not Getting The Point is still talking to me. I think he see’s I’ve kinda shut down, and is now saying maybe “we” should go dance or check out another bar. I tell him, I’m hanging with my friends tonight, and am waiting on them, but the clueless dude tool is still chatting it up. My wing-girl finally comes up and I introduce them. She sits on the opposite side of me and I turn and start talking to her.

(Side Note: Mr. Not Getting The Point is still trying to yell pointless banter over the music)

So I tell my chick friend that she can’t go back outside, at least for a min, that Mr. Not Getting The Point is annoying me.

Chick Friend: that’s why I wear a fake wedding ring, you should wear one?

Me: Why, would I do that? Then people I actually want to talk to will see I have a wedding ring on, that’s stupid?

So our conversation brings me to my point. Why are you wearing a “fake wedding ring”? Do you still do it, have you done it in the past? Could you have potentially scared off the “man/woman” of your dreams, cause you had a “fake ring on it”. Hell, you might as well go all out and have a “fake wedding too!”


(Not a Proponent of the “fake” Ring On It)


I Wanna Be Evil… January 13, 2009

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I wanna be bad.  That’s right you heard correctly.

Ms. Kitt was on to something.  Sometimes you get tired of playing the good kid.  Now last week we had 80’s Baby around here talking about secrets…most of are secrets were pretty cool…you know basic things in the 20/30 something mind…but I am curious to something:  If you could be evil and totally vamp…ladies what would do?  And men, if you could just do whatever, say whatever act however and still be awesome, then what would you do?

Basically what I am asking here is…whose your alter ego?  Let’s say you are…


And then you get your alter ego on…and become:


Feel free to be totally wild.  This week I’m into self-expression…So ya know…are you swinging from poles in a secret life?   Come on tell me what you reallllly wanna do…

ADMIN NOTE-Feel free to add in the alter ego of your ideal partner…ladies and gents…I know there’s something kinda special you might like them to do only for you…*sings Charley Pride*when we get behind closed doors…HAVE FUN!