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Ink Stained Mondays 8: Snark Addiction? Yup. February 22, 2010

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I used to take great pride in my level of connection.  Despite being a full time student, with a Family and a Fulltime Job, not a lot gets past me.

Lately, I have been Wishing I was less connected.

This whole thing where people Indulge their snark and indulge in Criticism of things that people don’t like.  ALL DAY LONG.

It has become a form of entertainment to denigrate.  So much so people watch people they CLAIM they wouldn’t spit on if they were on fire on TV for the express purpose of criticizing their every move.

Now MANY folks employ snark as their stock and trade.  That is how they get down.  Online and Off.  They are acutely aware that EVERYONE loves a dogpile, so long as they are not the ones on the bottom. That is part of the game, and I make a habit of avoiding the knocking of another folk’s hustle. 

The rest of you?  The joiners and those who just kinda see a pile form and decide you might wanna jump on?  You do know what you’re doing, right?

That’s a whole lotta negativity ya got there.  You know that stuff is highly contagious, right? 

The more time you spend clowning and generally being negative, the more your spirit tends to feed off that. 

Think I’m playing? 

Watch your mood when you snark. 

Watch how negativity makes you feel…not so much good, but content. 

Watch how you go LOOKING for stuff to snark on…and how disappointed you get when the snark doesn’t just flow immediately.

If you find yourself passing up on stuff you LIKE to seek things you KNOW you won’t just so you can feed your snark monster?  Then you have some issues with snark. 

Don’t get defensive right away, observe yourself FIRST…well revisit this next Monday. 

You know what they say about hit dogs…


Boredom Equals Trouble April 2, 2009

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Today I was in a reflective mood just thinking over my life…reliving moments some funny, some bad. What really stuck out in my head was the moments where I would end up saying a little prayer…

Lord, I know I shouldn’t have but if you just find it in your heart to let me make it outta this I promise I wont do it anymore. Thank you in advance!


Holly GoLightly

These moments were usually caused by BOREDOM!! My grandmother always said an idle mind was the devil’s playground and boy did my mind stay idle (especially when I was younger)… I suffer with boredom a lot now  but I try my best not to exercise the plans that I conjure up in my head. 🙂 So far I think I do a pretty good job!

One particular boredom moment that stands out for me, that I really wish wasn’t brought on by boredom, was when I lost my virginity. This situation was more so brought on by curiosity that was later carried out by boredom.  I mean the person was a dear friend at the time and I did have a little liking towards him, but he wasn’t someone special. He wasn’t even a person that I could have seen as a boyfriend!! But hey then again what do you even know at 16!? Back then I thought that I was gonna marry Devante or Mr. Dalvin from Jodeci and where the heck are they now??!! Everything about the situation was so not right! There was no music, no candles, not even some swanky dinner prepared by him. Instead it took place at his house in the basement on an oddly shaped brown velvet chair. The event lasted all of 5 minutes. When it was over I remember thinking, “Is this what all my active friends have been raving about?? If so, this was not the business!!” It wasn’t until a few years later while with my boyfriend that I truly experienced what I should have felt- The big “O”! It was then that I really regretted my decision that I made during boredom!! Because of this regret I reached out to my 13 year old sister and let her know its better to wait preferably when you are married, but if you cant wait til then at least try  to wait until you are mature and out of high school.

Of course there have been other situations since then that have occurred due to boredom: Fraternizing with a low down ex, entertaining a random dude who wouldn’t have gotten the time otherwise, pity s!ex, and of out of town trips (with no good intentions). *smh*

What has boredom gotten you to do?