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Is Chivalry Really Dead? November 7, 2008

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We’ve gone over this over and over again over at SBM. The men seem to think the chivalry is totally dead with the advent of Ms. Independent.

These are the same men who expect to have all kinds of “abnormal” sex (works cite Mom). I say if you want to be able to have things like Aquafina flow and willingness to try different things you might have to go out of your way a little. I’m not saying throw your coat over mud or pay everytime, but sometimes a woman wants to feel like just that, a woman.

How you make a woman feel like a woman is solely dependent upon that woman and her wants, needs and desires. I’m not sure how the other women will feel about it, but I know if I am happy I will fly to the moon to insure you are too.

Just ask The Comeback Girl! She’s not asking you to do everything cause really as Jill Scott pointed I can make everything rock by my damned self just like I can do bad all myself (works cite everybody’s grandmama) just be a man. I think that to a certain degree a man should be able to go just a little out of his way to make a woman feel desired and when you do then we’ll be a little generous. Yes, we like to be rewarded for hard weeks with a massage (yours or at the spa) or just a quiet night in. Just because things have changed a little, I don’t care what anyone says the man is not the prize.

Women, any tips on what makes you feel “soft and pink”?

Men, how far would you go to make a woman feel special?

And…a little Mary J for inspiration: