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Running Out Of Lies… January 26, 2009

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I swear I was born in the 80s…I swear I was….

Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t lie anymore?  You know what I’m talking about…you got a good man or woman sitting at home and you’re out there acting like you are single.  This reminds me of something I did one time…little Jaci’s going to tell on herself now…

I met someone in 2005, he was cool and I loved him.  When I went back to New Orleans in Januray 2006, I got reacquainted with a campus police officer i’d known my freshman year…that’s enough of that…so one thing led to another and I found myself cheating on the boyfriend I loved.  Fast forward about two weeks, and after many nights of hanging out with Mr. Officer…I had a severe case of the flu.  One week, one hospital visit and many antibiotics later, I had a stomach affliction and I wanted to come home to my mother, SO I called dear boyfriend and had him drive from Tuscaloosa, AL to NoLA to come and get me.  I also had him pick up one of my girlfriends to come with (so she could warn me in enough time to leave my lover and get ready).  How oh how…did I leave my phone at home?!  I had no way for her to reach me.  So from…the building I was in…I saw a golden Maxima pull up and you guessed my boyfriend met my side lover…Uh oh and oh shat!  Long story short…they talk and then realize I can’t get to where I’m supposed to be without boo piece seeing me…thanks to Mr. Officer I made it.

Came home had a wonderful time, but still had the stomach problem.  When I got back to NoLA I immediately wanted to see Mr. Officer…just one problem I can’t walk cause I’m in pain.  I got so mad at Ex that I told him I would rather crawl to my other man than be with him (out of pain, didn’t realize what I was saying).  This means I had too many irons in the fire.  I was so busy being Mr. Officer’s side dish and having him be happy I couldn’t see what a good thing I had.  It was flawless and I lost it.

There’s my story…though it is wayyy longer…but dear readers, I’d like hear your story…have you ever cheated?  Been cheated on?  How’d you handle it…We wanna know!